AN insight to kanchi…


Kanchi better known as kanchipuram is situated about 70 odd kms from the chennai the capital of tamil nadu is known for its temples and silk sarries and rightly called as the city of thousand temples..

As i have been dwelling there for almost 3 years now..i thought y not share my experiences and how i found kanchi as a place to be in ..

This place can be reached by bus or train as u like but let me tell u if u wish to take train as a means of commutation better be prepared for sit around one hour extra…

when i went there for the first time my instantanious reaction was “my am i goin to spend three years”.now i have managed to spend three years ..i wish to tell u some interesting traits of kanchi…

In every nook and corner of any street u can find a temple there always filled with devotees..some of the most famous temple to be seen are varadaraja temple,ekambarnathar temple and kanchi kamakshi temple….thousands of tourist visit kanchi each day just to see these temples and ofcourse to visit the famous and recently infamous shankara mutt..Its really ironical to find that amidst much controversies the shankara mutt hasn’t lost its popularity and u can still find the shankara mutt devotees doing there sacred rituals..

u can daily find hundreds of buses parked across the sides of these temples in which tourists come from almost all parts of india…i had wondered how the shopkeeprs manage to run their business…but to my surprise most of these people were multi lingual..with time they had learned so many languages that they were even able to persuade people who are least intrested in buying any thing..but these negotiating skills are limited to people who dwelled near to these temples..but as u go inside kanchi u will see the still 100 years old orthodox kanchi..

silk buisness is always at its boom in kanchi it a marriag eof a local bride or a celibrity they prefer to get the silk sary specailly made in kanchi which is unique in its own way..

One thing i found it very interesting was the communal harmony that prevailed…despite being an imporatant relegious hub for the hindus the place has an equal weightage for muslim..infact ,u wont belive the shankara mutt is almost juxtapositional to a mosque ,this itself speaks volumes …

If u are from a metropotitan city like me i am damn sure u wont like the idea of staying there for more than one day.The only entertainment feature in kanchi is theaters.Though by condition of the theateres is worst but thats what u can compromise at the ticket price which is usually very less..They will have the tag A?C but u can never find one…so we i mean me and my fridns always prefered to watch night shows ..After all 20 bucks for any kind of movie is viable ..but have a look at those chiars before palcing ur bums there..u can expect anything there..every now and then u can find political meeting arranged which u can clearly see them spending lakhs of money carelessly on big hoarding cut outs which is ofcourse no wonder in this part of the world where politicians and film stars are considered equivalent to the gods…

I dont know abt u ppl but i am finding it too tough to live in a place like that.. hope to complete my degree in a year and i will out of that place…

some pics of the place

varadharaja temple ekambarnathar temple





One response to “AN insight to kanchi…

  1. Nevertheless, Once you’re out of the place! You’ll miss it! mark my words! 🙂

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