Yahoo emoticans

I hope almost everyone of u must be using yahoo messenger service to chat wiht ur loved ones..its already loaded with lot of smilies and emoticans..but i found some new smilies so thought of jsut sharing itt with u…here are these

:o3 puppy dog eyes
:-?? I don’t know
%-( not listening
:@) pig
3:-O cow
:(|) monkey
~:> chicken
@};- rose
%%- good luck
**== flag
(~~) pumpkin
~O) coffee
*-:) idea
8-X skull
=:) bug
>-) alien
:-L frustrated
[-O< praying
$-) money eyes
:-” whistling
b-( feeling beat up
:)>- peace sign
[-X shame on you
\:D/ dancing
>:/ bring it on
;)) hee hee
:-@ chatterbox
^:)^ not worthy
:-j oh go on
(*) star
o-> hiro
o=> billy
o-+ april
(%) yin yang
i hope u would love to use these new ones.

Try it …i would be waiting for ur comments

One response to “Yahoo emoticans

  1. arvindd ur site is realyy great
    and especialyy those smileys are really really great wonderful job keep it up

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