After more than one year of waiting and almost a week’s anticipation finally i managed to get a ticket for the much hyped shivaji ..with all the excitement and delirium i started from my home and reached the theater about one and half hours before where i waited for my friend bharat .i had reached their well before time not only because i was that much excited but also because i had to get tickets . i have always dreaded the rajni fan mob..fortunately i got the tickets…ok enough of me..lets get into the movie.
well , Rajni acts as a US business man (actaully they dint mention his profession) who returns to india with a motive of improving the society (with lots of money) .Finds himself in love with he manages to acomplish his aim of improving the society is the story line..
ONCE again rajni proves that he is rightly called the superstar. and he perfectly fits into his LARGER THAN LIFE character.
Shankar played his part very well by inducing those flamboyant sets into the various songs(i must say all the songs have been shot infallibly) and his usual gimmickry in those fight sequences are just too good to watch though impossible to believe. I felt that rahman could have scored better..vivek was at his best again in those witty humorous quotes and the combination of vivek and rajni in various comic scenes rocked.. shreya’s character was much like a supporting actress which is quite obvious with any rajni starrer..She looks gorgeous in the movie specially in the songs and she has too played her role perfectly..
On the whole the film was a complete entertainer for me..i would like to end this post by rajni’s favourite lines in the movie..
shivaji “chumma adhirithu” ..”cooooooooool”
shivaji mania continues..

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