Indian cricket : An absolute Enigma..

The world is full of uncertainties ,still u can predict anything except the Indian cricket… if someone writes a book on indian cricket i am sure that the book will have even more twists and turns than a DAN BROWN novel (me, a dan brown fan 🙂 )…

i hope this blog does not surprise anyone who follows cricket closely 🙂 .Before the time world cup was supposed to start india was  among the top contenders for the title , world cup was the hot topic for every cricket lover ,Indian cricketers were made demi gods. i was particularly very much excited ( u wont believe, in my room we specially brought a TV tuner card for cable connection though exams were nearing). but soon after the world cup debacle  everything turned upside seemed that Indian cricket could degrade no longer..the demigods turned into devils and chaos gripped the indian cricket. Coach was apparently sacked..and there were talks of sachin bidding adieu..

Its been just few months and the indian cricket has changed its colour again by winning the future cup versus south africa, first overseas series victory after long long time, after 5 years to be precise..

It is this obscurity of the indian cricket which makes the game even more interesting , atleast for me and with sachin back in his form the cricket fever is back…

i am hoping a good cricket season ahead ..and i guess u too .

5 responses to “Indian cricket : An absolute Enigma..

  1. hey arvind….me hoping the same…hope our guys will be back to form n rock this year….

  2. Regarding the Demi God / Devil status ( which comes in with any game) there’s nothing that can be done ! It’ll very much be a part and parcel of the game tagging along it’s pros and cons. All that I’m bothered about is the unnecessary fanaticism and regionalism that the game evokes. But then again cricket is just not the single game that does this. So again I’m on tender hooks! 🙂

    I’m not much into cricket and stuff, nevertheless, I’ve no reason to back off from being happy when India wins Be it in cricket or for that instance any game! 🙂

  3. hey..was that a comment or a counter post 🙂

  4. I leave that to you! Smell the wood as you like! lol 🙂

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