Wait is over…fianally!!!!

Finally the official list of the new 7 wonders has been announced by the so called ” new 7 wonders organization”..and i feel glad that atlast Taj mahal got a place into it…atleast from now the the daily annoying message campaigning “vote for TAJ ” would stop…its ok one time ,two times but again and again..i am sure half of the votes for taj mahal would have been from from india only..and i wouldn’t be surprised even if the stats exceed that..thanks to the immensity of our population 🙂 of course being a patriotic i voted many times ..but isn’t that ridiculous that ppl of the country itself are the decider of a global contest…for me this voting was nothing more than a mockery..nevertheless i am happy our TAJ MAHAL got through it..and i would have been happy even if it hadn’t. Anyways,It would be always one of the wonders of the world..

Here is the list of the new 7 wonders for those who are oblivious of it

Chichén Itzá, Mexico Christ Redeemer, Brazil

The Great Wall, China The Taj Mahal, India

The Roman Colloseum Petra, Jordan

Machu Picchu, Peru


One response to “Wait is over…fianally!!!!

  1. hey arvind…i voted almost 20 times for taj…10 times from my dad’s mob n 10 times from d other…i’m so happy tat taj got selected…hope every indian feels d same…

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