Indian trio opt out !!

Another shocking news for the cricket fanatics like me…when i saw yesterdays newpaper i was almost gasping (well ,thats an exaggeration 🙂 ) after knowing that the great indian trio(sachin ,saurav,dravid)  have opted out of 20-20 world cup…i was really eager to watch them play ,especialy sachin , in the much shorter and exciting version of the game.I feel this would have been the only chance for them to play in a event like this as time is not far for them to bid adieu.Though the selectors havn’t mentioned a proper reason but have hinted that it might be for giving oppurtunity to the youngsters…now thats what seems more shocking and paradoxical for me…without giving a chance to them in the ordinary matches ,they are giving the youngsters chance directly in a main event like world cup..anyhow there’s nothing cricket fans like me can do except to write a post like this..

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