how to increase traffic ( visitors ) to ur blog??

Well, if anyone of u are reading this to know something abt road trafiic ,then u are wrong,this has nothing to with it. here i am concerned abt the blog traffic..

Actually i wonder sometimes why people (including me) are so obsessed with the amount of traffic their sites and blogs gets .well, the most obvious reason that comes to my mind is that the humans are always fascinated by numbers and according to a research conducted the craze for more is just insatiable..

This may sound weird but its true. most people would deny it but their conscience knows ..anyways exceptions are always there but they are never examples…to be frank i was trying to find out ways of improving my traffic ,which is not that overwhelming and found some interesting info ,perhaps, i should say some facts….

the 10 most searched items on net are

1) Paris Hilton 2) Google 3) Yahoo 4) Ebay 5) Eminem 6) Britney Spears 7) map quest 8) Tsunami 9) Girls 10) American Idol


so any one really in need of more traffic can try using these keywords in ur blog ..

You can use keyword trackers for finding keywords that are searched most in net..

and u can also try submitting ur blogs in the major search engines through various free search engine submitter software available.

Try indexing your web pages to Google webmasters tools , Bing or Yahoo explorer.

You can share your posts through networking sites like Orkut, Twitter or submit them to sites like DIGG

Update Your blog regularly. and most important of all write the content that people would be eager to read.



2 responses to “how to increase traffic ( visitors ) to ur blog??

  1. The traffic checking thingy is the new blogger temptation to see how well my posts are received. I remember, I used to check it very often. Once, my blog was rated “Fastest growing blogs on wordpress”, at No. 18 or something like that. I think I have a screenshot somewhere.. 🙂 (Yeah, if I remember correctly, it was an article on an upcoming album of Iron Maiden – a Heavy Metal Band that I listen to)

    I knew of a blogger who used to find who was the most sought after celebrity (female), every week, and create a dummy post with a title containing her name and one of the words – “Naked”, “Exposed”, “Nude”, “See Through”. You should have seen the amount of traffic it used to generate. 🙂 I could see his blog every week on the most read posts on wordpress. 🙂

  2. hey i’m waiting for tat in ur blog….:-)

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