google OR yahoo??? y not both!!!

Whenever we need to find some info we often end in a hassle abt which search engine to use… most people are accustomed to use google or yahoo search engine.. its hard to say which one gets u more accurate result and its even more harder to check the same thing in various search engines again…Well,what if u get the results for ur search from both the biggies ,that is yahoo and google, at a same time. ?? do u think i am joking ???

well, i am not!! there’s a site called gahooyoogle which shows u the result from both search engine at a that saves a lot of time as far as an internet freak like me is concerned..

the site was launched in 2005 .i wonder why it took so much time for me to find it so late….

this is how it look

there are various categories to search on from web,news to blog..when i searched the word “wonders” in the news category this was the result


so next time u are in a dilemma be wise to use both at once

and to remembering the name isn’t that difficult just join both the search engine names and toggle the first letter and u are ‘on’…

5 responses to “google OR yahoo??? y not both!!!

  1. hey tat’s very amazing…i din know abt this till now…next time i’m searching for something i’ll surely remember this site…

  2. I just came accross this post, I just want to let you know that Arbel Hakopian the creator of has just lunched another search engine, !!!

  3. hey thanks man…i was quite oblivious abt it till now..

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