how to access orkut , facebook from office school

One of the main problems the working class of orkut fanatics face or to be even more precise nowadays even school children, is that they can’t access orkut form their office or school as their servers block orkut…
With controversy increasing around orkut every day .More and more offices and schools are blocking the site..this is a real pain in the butt for them as orkut gives them an easy way to communicate with thier close ones..ofcourse some people do misuse it but blocking is in no way ,a solution.
Somebody has rightly said when “one door gets closed another door opens ” ..As more & more organizations are blocking, many web servers are claiming to give free online proxy servers for accessing orkut even if it is blocked..a real treat for orkut fans..
As i have not tried it so i bear no responisblity of thier authenticity…though i have heard that these proxy servers can be counted upon and do work..these free proxies are growing very rapidly which can give access to almost any site which is denied by the office servers..these proxies are said to work
Here is a list of some free proxies for orkut

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11 responses to “how to access orkut , facebook from office school

  1. I’d never be comfortable giving out my Orkut login / password to any third party service, since Orkut’s tied up with my Google Account, which includes pretty much everything – gMail, Google Pages, Blogger, iGoogle, Google Reader… 🙂

  2. you are right .me either..but this is for those who are too desperate to use orkut 🙂 and who can count upon these third party servers

  3. Great site allot of good information. Most people dont put so much effort into thier sites. Found what i was looking for just wanted to show some appreciation.

  4. yaar yahan college mein to koi proxy kaam nahin kar raha…

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. None of the proxies are working.

  7. hi……. my name is sunil im a student in south tyneside college in uk.
    i ned 2 have more websites of orkut proxy bcoz the proxy u have given its working over in our college……….
    so can u plzzzzz give me sum more proxies 2 open da orkut in my college………..
    plzzzzzzz if u can…………
    its a humble request 2 u …………
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YOu can try
    it will work

  9. True that some schools & companies block access to public proxy servers, but new proxy servers pop up almost every day so there is plenty to choose from. There are software available which will seach for public proxies and connet to them for ease of use, usually a paid software. Just do a google on “webproxy”.

  10. Sathesh Ramasamy

    all u peopole only list out the proxies wich wer blocked almost a year b4……will no onw com out with the new proxies..

  11. Came here by accident from Google.
    Glad to see this blog 😀

    Keep on a good work.
    I have bookmarked this blog 🙂

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