AGE of Mythology- AOM

Well,i have already posted a topic on Age of empires and i found that many people are arriving to my blog by searching for Age of empires…so i thought it would be a good idea to post on Age of mythology as well.

What is Age of Mythology??

Age of mythology is another real time strategy game developed by ensemble studios and published by microsoft..this game takes us far back to an mythical age. It was released on 2002 november and was one of the fastest selling games at that time.. what makes it different from the previous versions like age of empires is that it is allows 3d interface and graphic are far more better than age of empires series..Have a lok at the video

How to play???

The motive of the game is same as that of age of empires that is winning by conquest and also gives u campaigns to complete. It allows u play with three different civilizations norse,greek and egyptian.Each civilizations has its own way of collecting resources namely food , gold ,wood and favour.Favour is generated by the gods (which is a special feature in mythology series) .Each civilization has it sown gods and players are asked select one Major god and one minor god for each age (archiac ,classical ,heroic, and mythical age ). When gods are pleased they generate more favour and more the favour more powers are given by the God..Each civilization has its own way of generating fever .Well it would be quite an intricate to describe here but once u play u would be accustomed with all the three civilization..The most interesting and exciting feature of the game is that it gives u a range of mythical creatures and some mind-boggling powers ..which looks that just awesome when used.. Apart from these the usual infantry,calvary and seige wepeons are also present.some of the mythical units


there are abt 40 odd units like this each having special powers.. apart from these u have special option scenario editor which allows u to create ur own campaigns with custom landscape units and even powers…

For NOObs

well,,when i started playing this game i found it too difficult and boring as the game was quite intricate to understand so i used cheatcodes which made the game a bit more interesting.. but if u are a real game fanatic do not use the cheat codes …The is very much playable without the cheats…


AGE OF MYTHOLOGY-THE TITANS – This game is just an expansion to the original game with one more civilizations and extra units…

For Age of mythology posieden cheatcodes and walkthroughs check out

and u can get age of mythology product key too from the net..u can try enetering any arbitary values in that..sometimes it works it worked for me..still various online serial generators are available online for both age of mythoilogy and gold edition.

u can sometimes also get the full version download from some sharing sites but it may have viruses .so be carefull.

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Thats all i can tell u here, so try playing it u can download the game from verious sites..give it a try i hope u will enjoy the game as i did.


20 responses to “AGE of Mythology- AOM

  1. hey arvind….i already saw abt AOM in ur blog but this time it seems more intereting after seeing tat video….i’ll try this out wen i’m free…

  2. THE pevious one was AOE this is AOM 🙂

  3. thats great thanks i had not even heard of this game but am a big fan of AOE


  5. I love this game… and you forget to mention the expansion pack of AOM. Titans.. I prefer AOM over AOE..

  6. oh… as u see i am not that interested in AOm as in aoe so may be i missed that aom expansion 😛

  7. Why don you review battle for middle earth … I think BFME has surpassed AOE AOM in terms of popularity, fans…

  8. yeah thats a great idea ..but i havn’t played it/.. 😛

  9. i need the product key for aom will some1 please let me know what it is, who keeps the box anyway i always lose the case big deal sue me breakin my balls here to play a game there needs has to be a universal code some microsoft nerd needs to spit out

  10. i need to know the site where you can get the product code for aom titans0 can you email it to me- the site that i can get it from thanks

  11. @ gina
    you can use any product key..
    oi mean random accepts everything
    i used a random one only…

  12. oh yaaa.. AOM doesnt hav any specific key. type in any key that will work..

    btw arvind, i am currently playing battle for middle earth.. man.. BFME is superb..

  13. @ tides
    yeah have told about the game..actually i am yet to play that game…i would have a look over the review of the game in net..cuz i dont know what type of game it is
    perhaps it interests me too..

  14. i need a product key for AOM. please emial it to me, anyone with the kindness. i really need it.

  15. i lost my product key or the Titans expansion…would someone give me theirs please

  16. Does anyone on here know how to costomize characters on the Editor? It’s there, but it won’t let me do it and i can’t find a straight answer anywhere.

  17. I love AOM. it is a great game

  18. I need a product key if anybody will E-Mail it to me plz XD

  19. i need a website to download it and the product key to play it online pls contact me

  20. i need a website to download it and the product key to play it online pls contact me soon is posible

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