BANNING ORKUT!!! Is it the only solution??

Orkut is not only a hit among the internet community but nowadays orkut has also manged to get a place in the headlines of every Top news organization and becoming a center for controversy..

Orkut is clearly an online hub for the internet freaks mostly between the ages from 15 to 30 .Though it allows only users above the age of 18 ,they dont have control over that.i have even seen children studying 7th class having accounts… 🙂 .. People are so much addicted to orkut is that they can’t live without accessing it for a single day ..for some people it causes even nervous breakdowns.. With thousands of people joining every day and an easy way of communticating with people of common interest via “communities” scraps , its easy to misuse the technology but thats part and parcel of it..everything will have have its pros and cons..

One lady lady in behrain has filed a case to ban the whole orkut as someone impersonated her as a prostitute. In india one guy filed a case as somebody used foul language against the maratha king shivaji. Shiv sena is strongly protesting and working too hard to ban it in india as it contained words against its cheif ,then there is always a problem of sexually explicit material which evokes large hatred and cases like this keeps on adding everyday .But ,Is it a solution ?? Will banning do anything good…i believe not it will only add an economic loss to big organization which owns it and also ,to the internet community folks who eagerly participate in various kinds of information exchange through communities..Though orkut can be a colossal waste of time still i am a firm supporter of orkut..and i feel that the percentage of people misusing it will be far more less than the percentage of them using it efficiently.

Its quite queer that the advantage to majority of the users can be compromised for some lunatics who tend to goof around misusing it. and as far as the sexually explicit material is concerned i guess there’s  a lot of impurity outside orkut which needs to be sorted out first..

So i feel strongly than Banning is not the solution at all..Well,thats my view..u can comment urs below..

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6 responses to “BANNING ORKUT!!! Is it the only solution??

  1. Search for sex on google, and you’ll get a few million hits. Ban them all? or better, ban google, since you can use it to get to web sites containing sex. that is only temporary. permanent solution would be to block out all search engines.

    a few hundred yahoogroups would have expressed their disappointment with some politician or the other. temporary solution – ban yahoogroups.. permanent solution – ban all private mailing lists.

    i know of people whose numbers were published by some lunatics in public forums on the internet, claiming that they were prostitutes. solution – ban all internet forums.

    even more sure shot way to bypass all these would be to ban the internet.

    don’t the above solutions sound stupid? 🙂

  2. hey i don think orkut shud be banned….tat’s d place wher i met all my school friends…so i’m still in touch with all of them…not only me many like me r there in orkut…so may be some other altenate way shud be found….

  3. i am always on ur side 🙂

  4. to RAjashree :well,school friends !! thats acceptable 🙂

  5. Banning Orkut….. ha ha ha ha…. first of all one should think how effective the ban will be. When you get the cracks for a software the very next moment it is released officially, or even before, when you can download harry potter e-books before Ms. Rowling writes the first chapter (:o , just exaggerating), damn sure, you will still be able to access Orkut even if it blocked. The effort should come from the part of Orkut users, they should fight against the anti-india content in Orkut (or whatever anti- )….

    thatz all….

    off topic: just got you from tags, days before I too had written a post on a similar issue

  6. yeah exactly ..i guess u missed my posts on orkut proxies.. 🙂

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