You are reading another Post inspired by DAN BROWN 🙂 .Those who have read the novel DA VINCI CODE must be aware of the word ANAGRAM. When i first read the book i was quite astonished and baffeled by seeing those anagrams as i was quite oblivious abt it at that time..DAN BROWN had interweaved the amazing anagrams with the infallible story so well that i became curious abt the word angrams and wanted to know more and found some interesting things…So i would make sure that others too become accustomed with this word anagrams .


An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase.The one who designes it is called as anagramist. Let me make a bit easier for u by giving some examples – The anagram of Mother in law would be women hitler ..and for George bush it would be He bugs gore. Another classic example of anagrams is “funeral” into“Real fun!”. 🙂 .

I have been quited amused how dan brown was able to create such an amazing set of anagrams. While surfing i found an interesting site ,in fact an anagram software site which claims to have designed the anagrams used in da vinci code..neverthess i found it quite intereresting..check out some of the best anagrams i found it on the site..

Osama Bin Laden –Old man in a base

Saddam Hussain –Is sad, sad human

Wikipedia –I wipe a kid


Da Vinci Code-Candid voice


becoming more and more curious of finding more anagrams.check out the given below..It offers u a database of already existing anagrams. If u want to find ur own than u can either buy a full version or download a limited but free vresion of anagram genius software..

Here’s the site ->



there are various online anagram generators as well like this one- online anagram generetor . although u have to compromise some amount of accuracy.

Hope u liked this post .


wondering what the hell is that ??..calm down, thats the angram for SEE YOU SOON!!




4 responses to “ANAGRAMS-A RAM NAGS !!

  1. let me be the first one to post a comment on your new post. (keep a watch on the stats, it will be sky-rocketing after this comment…:P … 😉 …just kidding)

    Except for the tough words you are using (as I said in Orkut), which force me to google for “define: so n so” its a good read for me… and I liked that anagram generator, now i too write a ‘da vinci code’ … he he he he…. 😉 😀

  2. well,i hope to see it soon then…

  3. i love anagrams myself. my latest post is about it. in my other blog i also wrote about The Da Vinci Code and used its anagram [I Hated Vic Conde] as the article title.

    this is a cool, cool entry you wrote here. 🙂

  4. I’m almost 2 years late in commenting but perhaps you still have an interest in anagrams…

    I’m trying to work on a puzzle sculpture called Kryptos and I have been angling on retrieving a keyword message from the Morse code phrases with anagramming but am a little stuck. I found your site by looking for anagrams so it’s possible you and your readers may just find them interesting enough to lend a hand to someone who is feeling more and more lost on how to proceed.


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