BLOGGING – AN Obsession !!!

ITs BEEN exactly one month since i started blogging out of boredom .You must be well aware of this fact if u have read my first few posts especially this one 🙂 . i stepped into the blogging arena at that time just to kill time but it has become an obsession off-late..

Well,ORKUT which used to be occuppied in my mind earlier seems to be obsolete now. I have completly turned into a blogging freak checking out new blogs ,reading new things ,commenting on some real absurd and wierd posts,finding new ways of attracting more readers ,every now and then checking out BLOGSTATs which of course is an indication of how much the post reaches the blogging community all in just a month.

Though i can access net only during weekends when i am at home..i keep on thinking some good topics which i can post later. Life without net seems unimaginable now a days ..and if i write some good post and get no response from others it sometimes makes me feel sad.well, my affair with blogging has started recently as i told earlier, just one month so will get used to the above stated BLOGGING SYNDROME soon. 🙂 .

Another interesting fact that baffles me is the amount of people who exist in the blogging community and its increasing at an exponential rate .. i found umpteen number of sites exclusively for the bloggers like cluster maps ,blogexplosion,SEO and the list goes on..their only way of increasing revenues are bloggers who are present in every possible place on the globe..

Within this one month i have found that blogging is far more better than orkut where people pretend to become friends just of increasing their number of sraps and friends list and ofcourse the real mockery in orkut the stats ,which states howm much cool sexy and trustfull u are. i mean what a non sense ? can we really trust them?? 🙂 . some people are ofcourse true to their heart but not many ..anyway this topic is becoming more of a orkut vs blogging 🙂 .so i will cut this crap.

For me now blogging has become a part of life .. which sometimes increases my creative ability..ofcourse i am no geek in writing..but still trying is by no means a sin..and nevertheless 4000 odd visitors in just one month is just too overwhelming and motivates me a lot and more important thing is the self satisfaction i get.


4 responses to “BLOGGING – AN Obsession !!!

  1. right said brother. last year when i started my Malayalam blog, I was posting like anything, and after sometime I didnt had anything to post….. now-a-days I am waiting for incidents to happen, to blog!!!….

    I started my English blog on WordPress a week back, and was posting ‘a post a day’, except for yesterday (Sunday holiday :-P) ….. hopefully, the blogging spurt will continue forever…..:D

  2. The peckish Cheney kitty has been located!

    Come see. Come see!

  3. This blog was linked to mine as a “possibly related post” – you’re right, blogging for blogs sake is odd, but can be fun. Check out I think you may enjoy it 🙂


  4. very true bro 🙂

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