HARRY POTTER – the ORDER of phoenix


This month has been just harry harry and harry. One side the release of the movie part 5 and then, on the other side preparations for the world wide release of “the harry potter and the deathly hollows” J.K ROWLINGs last book of her infallible series.

well ,here i am more concerned abt the movie as i have seen the movie only and have no idea abt the last book to review it 🙂 . Finally, after a wait which seemed to go till eternity , the inevitable bonanza for the harry potter fans hit the theatres. Though i could not go on the very first day ,i was happy to settle for a show after two days of release.

It would be wise to say that as far as a harry potter movie fanatics are concerned the movie may appear a bit sober as it doesn’t have that real excitement as in the other parts ,but true harry and JK rowling fan’s might be quite pleased with the movie. The movie is abt the re- emergence of the “One who should not be named” in the magical world whose return was questioned by the ministry of magic inspite of harry insisting voldmourt’s hand in sedrick’s death.

The main character and by far the most interesting performance was by Imelda Staunton who acts as a new dumbledore teacher but soon take over the whole hogwartz due to her relations with the ministry.the films shows a n insights to some common characteristics between harry and voldmourt which is dreaded by hary.a bit of romance between chou and harry adds flavour to the movie and this shows we can expect much more from the fore-coming parts 🙂 . Special effects are awesome as usual but what i din’t like was the unwanted sound effects even during the dialogue delivery which seemed inaudible.

On the whole i think the movie failed to deliver(like the other parts) what was expected from it after so much of anticipation and curiosity.As i haven’t read the books, the story itself seemed to be dull but seems to be going in the right direction .Hope to get a better harry poter part 6.

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4 responses to “HARRY POTTER – the ORDER of phoenix

  1. yeah….my friends also told the same….i’m yet to watch d movie yar….

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  3. girlie castillote

    i really like harry’ movies…. i hope i can have one of j.k. rowlings’ harry potter books..!

  4. cum se dounloadeza harry potter

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