How to hack orkut ?

Feeling safe every time u open orkut account ,let me tell u clearly orkut isn’t safe now a days as the no. of hacking cases are just going berserk.Even a kid can hack ur account as the hacking is no longer an enigma ,with loads of communities  ready to  teach you hacking.

Most hackers (i guess, all of them) use the technique called “PHISHING”. This means somewhat same as fishing . In this type people usually get hack ur account (get ur passwords or cookies) by instigating you to do a mistake (means unless u take the bait u are safe) .This clearly suggests hacking can be avoided by being more cautious.

Well,You must be wondering if i am nuts , hacking is no kids job!! yes It is!!!. now a days u can expect a kid too to hack orkut. Orkut hacking needs no Pre requisites of any kind, u dont need to be programmer nor a certified ethical hacker. All u need to have is orkut account and u are ready to hack.. yes!! this is todays situation. Every thing is available for the purpose ,all u need is to implement those things.In short if i can hack an account without any knowledge then u can too…But the main aim of my post is not to teach u hacking or to make u guys hackers but to make u aware so that u can prevent any loss to ur accoount.

It all started when one night i got a scrap stating ” ur account has been hacked ” when i replied arrogantly he asked me to check my communities and when i checked there were some communties which i had never joined it was that time when the word hack sank into my brain. Fortunately the hacker claimed to be an ethical hacker so dint harm my account and just asked me to change my password.

But it may not be the case for every one of you .Your hacker may not be a good hearted soul like the one i confronted 😛 .So the best way to avoid getting hacked is to have sufficient knowledge about it..that’s what i did .. I asked the guy who hacked my account to teach me but he dint .and when he insisted he asked his friend to teach me .that guy just gave me the link of a community where hacking was being taught in public . It was quite interesting and actually i found myself so involved that i was just reserching for hacking for the whole day. I was somewhat getting used to the word hacking in orkut. And even managed to hack one my friends account .But that was the first and the last one i tried.

Without deviating away from topic let me mention u abt some of the main techniques people use .. first one ,the most easiest one is a fake login page which exactly looks like an orkut page , people (hackers) persuade u too enter orkut through the fake login page..the page instead of opening to orkut sends ur login ID and password to the hackers mail ID. Isn’t that a peice of cake for the hacker ?? infact ,i hacked my friends account through this method only 🙂 . Second one and the most widely used is the java script technique . here hacker uses some java scripts .He asks u to enter this script in the address area and tell u that it would increase ur fans list ,or some people call it ” earthquake script”, “see the magic”.Greedy fools like me can easily fall for this . this script once used sends ur cookies of orkut to the hacker and he can access ur account without ur password.Well doesn’t it sound too easy. yes , it is..!! This is the method which most of the people use.

Here are the steps to avoid ur account from being hacked

  • Never open orkut through any other pages other than orkut no matter who gives it.
  • Dont keep ur password to easy to be guessed.
  • Though some scripts can be usefull like scrap book flooder and font javascript,use them carefully some of them may be hackers script.
  • If u feel that the script used may be hackers one change the password immediately.

The main Gist of my post is that people should be aware of whats happening around there may be few more tricks on the way but the best way to elude that is to get to know more abt hacking so if u are a orkut user check out those communties which teach hacking ..Once u know about it u would be more cautious abt it.. Ironically there are even communities which teach Google and yahoo hacking..and sardonically there are lot of softwares which adds to ur trouble creating trojans and viruses .

HOPE the post gave u some light to elude hacking.

So be cautious and happy orkutting.. !!

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133 responses to “How to hack orkut ?

  1. but i think the basis of all this is the assumption tht u do a mistake. so as far as u access orkut frm ur bookmarks, n dont fancy those javascripts im assuming u’ll be fine

    • you say that a child can also easily hack. so i think you might be knowing how to hack. can you please teach me? it is urgent. i wanna hack my friend’s id otherwise he will hack mine

  2. Free to think, free to believe...

    The less information on your computer the better, generally speaking – there’s been case where folk have used those ‘accounting’ software packages and then when they’ve sold on or scrapped their computer someone has come along and lifted account numbers and everything from them…

    The hacking community is a strange and bizarre set of heroes and villains… You were lucky I guess, but I would say that anybody can be ‘fooled’ and so it’s not that folk are wrong – who hasn’t let their guard down during a casual conversation or something… why do we blame folk for being hacked?

  3. yeah u are exactly right ..but i was more conserned abt the orkut hackers ..the guy who hacked mine was a learner as many of them there

  4. Yeah u r right….
    but i need ur help if u can….
    i think u can help me easily……
    i want to hack a account of my friend…
    so please give me the link of javascript or otherwise contact me on my id……
    friend, its urgent

  5. how we can create phising or a fake orkut page???????

  6. Thanks a loot yaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!

  7. u are welcome 🙂

  8. hey arvind,
    can u plz tell me hw to hack the password of an orkut account??
    plz yar, smeone haz changed ma orkut passwrd nd nw m nt able to access it!!!
    plz help me out…
    ma email ID is –

  9. how we can create phising or a fake orkut page???????

    or wats de java script dat sends password to de hacker???

  10. am waitin eagerly…lemme kno de trick as soon as possibl…

  11. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article poetry, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  12. orkut site in my pc has been blocked ….how cn i reuse it..or reload it?

  13. dikshant …. it cannot be teached in a male and niether i am a professional hacker..
    i have just learned it from the communties..
    u can create a fake account and learn hacking from orkut itself

  14. Hiii
    hey arvind,
    can u plz tell me hw to hack the password of an orkut account??
    plz yar, smeone haz changed ma orkut passwrd nd nw m nt able to access it!!!
    plz help me out…
    ma email ID is

  15. @ aditya
    see hacking orkut is not difficult but hacking a hackers password is difficult ..
    the guy who hacked ur account wont fall for hacking techniques …he already would be knowing all the techniques..

  16. Please can you tell me how to hack an account i really want to learn please its a request.
    my id is;

  17. hi arvind,
    im in really in need of help from u … somebody used my friends photo and name and he created an account in orkut …. also he is misusing it .. so v want to delete that account .. plz help me in doing that …. this is true … not to hack anybody …. plz help me … i wil b grateful to u if u help in this matter…. waiting for ur reply …

  18. hey check any hacking communities …u will find cookie stealer script..
    send it through scrap book and once he opens it u will get his cookie through which u can use his account ..u can delete or what ever u want….
    but before that u have to learn the procedure to steal that cookie/..u can find that in any hacking community..
    i am not a professional hacker or something like that…

  19. thanks for ur reply arvind … im not exposed tat much in finding those cookie stealer script … can u help in getting that … plz spare little time so that u can ones life .. plz arvind ..

  20. bout ur stuff…indeed nice 2 share ur xperince and mk others aware of so called orut hacking….i need ur help as a guy/girl has taken over all the communties owned bu my friend..its almost 3 days and we still cannot get a back….if u want ican mail u d links..
    this comminuty was used for good purpose and sharng good religoius knowledge..we hav insited tht owner 2 return us ..but in vain….
    can u please help us..
    u can reach me at
    ne help will be appreciated

  21. yeah i understand ur problem…
    but as i am not a professional hacker…
    i ant be of any help..
    thats y i am here to make u aware so that u dont fall for hacking techniques..
    i am extreamly sorry dude…

  22. ooooh…….plzz plzz plzz help man… way i can get d communties back..
    thts hackers id:

    just chk here people r cryg 2 get bck der communitys…

  23. ,i hacked my friends account through this method only ….u hav ritten dis yaar above..thot u can help me..atleast ne way u can retrive my frnds gmail passowrd who was d owner…can giv u if u want…..

  24. yaar …mein samajtha hoon tumhaari probllem par mein hacker nahi hoon..meine
    yeh post likha isiliye hai takki koi hack na ho.
    aur woh jo bhi hai jisne hack kiya hai tumhara community usko hack koi proffesional hacker hi kar saktha hai
    u can search in hacking communties u can find some good hackers..
    mujko hack karna nahi aata..
    jo method mujhe aata hai.. woh bahut simple hai

  25. hmm….can understnd…..btw likd ur Blog..really intrstng
    God bless u 4 d wrkk………
    likd d Akon song…..I feel you creepin’, I can see you from my shadow…hehhe
    if u fet ne info wich can help let me kno…


  26. yeah thanks man..
    i ould inform u if i find anyone who can help u…

  27. hay ARVIND plz tell me how to excess orkut in my coleg.
    i hav tried poerscrap n some of the proxy webs too
    hay plz help me……….
    i m in Acharya Institute Of Technology , Banglore

  28. hi arvind n all
    yaar someone has hacked mine account on the orkut n i want it back
    plz help me out…..i dont know anything about hacking…..i can provide u mine old username n password plz give it back to me ….. i will be obliged to u

  29. hey man…I have a problem…some one has made a false account of me….thats common but he’s got my pic..I know the guy but can’t confront him in real life but I know he is not good at the computer and must have not even saved the pic…I know its wrong for you to hack or help me hack but I really need that profile with my photo out of orkut…please could you help me??…or is there any other way to remove that pic without getting access to his account…

  30. hey sum1 pls tel me hw 2 hack an orkut ac in detail. Actuly m not interested in hackin ne1 else’s ac. Its jus dt my ac hs been hacked by sum1 n dt person hs evn changd my password i.e i hv no acess 2 my ac. So i jus want it bck. So if ne1 knws d trick pls contact me back as soon as posible. Ill b waitin. My id is

  31. @nancy ,shwetha ,marlon
    this post is just to make u aware of the fact that hacking is easy if u are oblivious about it..
    so once u are hacked its difficult to get ur account back

  32. Plzzz tell me how to hack an orkut account & a community. I require it urgently. I wan delete some vulgarable acconut & community. Plz help me.

    How to create a fake page of

  33. Hi arvind…..
    thanks for your work…..
    can you help me that i m unable to open orkut at my home p.c.
    whenever i open it the msg is comes that “unable to connect ”
    please help me ……..

  34. hey friend i wanna hack the orkut account of ma frnd….so if u can plz help in ths….i ill be really thank ful to u…..hpe u ill reply..plz help me

  35. why on earth you ppl are intrested in hacking?

  36. someone has created a fake account of my friend on plz can u tel me how would i hack it or delete it atleast..

  37. i love wow hacking

  38. plz send me fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    some eazy tricks to hack.

  39. all dis well and fine dude….but can u tell us how 2 really hack?!!?
    giv me the link of dat community??

  40. how to create fake orkut page???????????????????????

  41. hii friend,pls tell me how can i hack an orkut account?

  42. My dear brother…

    Pls… Pls help me to get out of this hassle. The above mentioned is my owned community. Network Infrastructure in the orkut website. Some one has hacked mine 2day. I’m desperately looking to gain my access to my community. Kindly help me to get out of this. I would be so great full to you. Looking forward to hearing back from you my dear brother…

    Thanks & Regards

  43. my orkut account has been hacked by my frnd he has stolen my cookies n he can access my yahoo and orkut account plz help.

  44. my account is hacked by some person, how can i avoide that hacking of my account

  45. PLZ
    e-mail ::

  46. i just want to know that it is possible top hack hotmail account.and how can we avoid to hack aur computer thx tc bye with best wishes thx

  47. @ aneela
    just have a good antivirus…
    and abt that hotmail hacking ..yes it is possible to hack it if the user is a bit careless

  48. i jus wanna know da esiest way to hack an orkut account so please help me out.

  49. i just wanna know how one’s orkut account can be hacked

  50. Any one who can hack orkut id so plz
    ( this id for me

  51. hello
    can any body help me
    my account has been hacked and my password is changed
    and i cannot log in either with my secret passord
    can anybody help me

  52. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mail meeeeeeeeeee


  53. i wan to hack in to orkut can yo help me with it …….i want hack my friends account who does not belive n hacking in to acoount so i just want to shao whim what can be done if you have the right thing to do……….please

  54. my orkut account got hacked.. so wat should i do..

  55. Hi,
    some has take ownership of all my orkut comunity nad deleted my gmail aswell orkut account…
    now in orkut my all comunitys are owned by them and thereis nothing in my hand….i want my all back…i want revange ..plz plz help me how to teach them..

    if u want to c then Anavil desai,my bilimora are my comunity

    plz plz help me

  56. my orkut account,gmail and yahoo account are hacked and deleted plz help me

    i know the orkut name of the person who done this but how can i teach them.and get my comunity bacj

  57. Hey dude i want the link to hack an account on orkut or can u please mail me how can i do that because that guy is creating some problems for my friends as he stole my frnds snaps n he placed it in his account album so i wanna delete tat pics n delte tat acct so can u please help me for tat its really urgent n importatnt as its a snap of gilrs which he hav placed in his acct

    u can even mail me on my id

  58. hi
    plz tell me how to hack orkut account

  59. at least tell how to get fake login screen which send us user name and password

  60. @ shyam i think…
    otherwise search in google will get ..

  61. hey buddy plzzz tell me how to hacked yaar actuallly my two friends hacked profile ,don’t knw know but they had done …
    so plzzz help me out
    u can rep[ly me out on ma mail buddy
    i wanna hacked orkut id

  62. i wanna hack my gf password i think she is double dating

  63. Hi … Arvind Nice post … m trying to learn hacking from last couple of days xD
    i like it .. itz a good time pass :p
    ill be grate full if uill gimme sm link so that i can learn a bit

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  65. please tell me how to havk orkut account pls pls

  66. hi…i was a hacker in past i do hacking by fake pages and all… but left doing it now… now i’m trying to hack by some other methods.. not with te fake pages… if any information is there for me contact me

  67. pls help me some one is using my name by fake account pls help me dude
    he is making my name bad to others plsssssssssssss

  68. how we can create phising or a fake orkut page???????

    or wats de java script dat sends password to de hacker???

  69. can u send me some javascripts to hack album and scrapbook

  70. I wanna b a gud hakr. Plz giv some idea.

  71. bad orkut what hacking password

  72. hi
    plz tell me how to hack orkut account

  73. can u suggest any ebook for hacking

  74. Now friends let me tell u all who are crying for help to this person.Is he really an able person?He says and u believe lollz.
    Lemme tell u if u want to hack the first thing u should do is read and read and read, untill u know a system in and out how will u exploit the flaws.
    If scripts for cookie return is all u guys want will give u the links but use them at your own risk

  75. hi aarvind i need a help from you actually my lover is having aa afair wit another girl on orkut so he had changed orkut password so i wanna know dat how to hack orkut password plzzzz tell me how to do?????

  76. .. i became victim of one of this technics by my contender
    i told him i will hack his account but instead he hacked my account and now i m piss offf plzzzz any one help me finidng my true password,,,,, i will give him / her a gift of free yahoo mintes

    pc to phone anywhere on the world plzz help me

    add me in yahoo” willmottc” thxxxxx

  77. but how 2 hack bro juz tell me da steps pls

  78. hey dude please tell me something about orkut hacking.

  79. hi dear frd ,
    orkut par community kese banate hai yaar pata ho to plz bata dena ……………..

  80. yaar pls help me out pls pls pls pls pls tell me how to unlock the album plz yaar i will be very thankful to u

  81. My orkut community is hacked. .. !!! plzz tell me how to get it back…

    my email id is

  82. Yeah u r right….
    but i need ur help if u can….
    i think u can help me easily……
    i want to hack a account of my friend…
    so please give me the link of javascript or otherwise contact me on my id……
    friend, its urgent

  83. i m selling fake login pages of orkut .. if any1 wanna buy from india plz contact me i m selling it for cheap. if u want a demonstration i ll show u while chating live on Gtalk or yahoo.. enjoy!!

  84. A new form of hacking has come.

    In my account i saw some communities i never i deleted them but now there are some communities which are in my account DESPITE NOT JOINING them. When i try to delete i get a webpage asking if i would like to join that community. What to do ???

    some undesirable people are in my friend list but they are NOT counted as frnds…ie for example my screen shows “58 frnds ” but actually there are “60 frnds” including those 2.What to do ??

  85. hacking orkut is too simple.
    follow instructions given on

  86. hw can i get da IP address of ma orkut frndz…..??
    can u temme…..

  87. my orkut account is hacked and my photo doesnt get removed or change what to do now?

  88. my frnd hacked my orkut a/c and now i want to hack his a/c just tell me the way pls

  89. Visit

    Orkut is such a community that can be easily hacked.
    When my account was hacked i let that person take it away, he needed money and i said take it with you. After 6 days he himself send me the password.
    There are many programs that can hack services provided by Largest enterprises.
    We are not safe on the internet now.

    Farhan, you can get the I.P address of your friendz. If you have the website ask them to visit it. When they come their I.P address is recorded in SiteStats.
    Sachin, make sure who hacked your account and then go to your profile and load a javascript and send it as a message to that hacker, if he replied all his details will come to your account. The javascript can be taken from

    Visit my website
    Have fun!

  90. heyyyyyyyyy frnd plzzzzzzzzzz dont ignore my comment……..

    theres a guy in orkut who copied my pics from the album of ma orkut account and then created new account with my pics and has used many vulgour statements with that he is abusing every of ma frnds……….. i am unable to stop him ……… i really need ur help guide me how to hack his profile or pllllzzzzzzzzz give me that java script i will be thankful to u

    this is the fake id been made………….

  91. i want to see locked photos . i would be grateful to you for your help .with thanks in advance….

  92. yeh u r right…………

    frnds i wanna take u r help if u can

    i want to hack my frnd ID n frustrate them only for fun can u help me……………………..

  93. hi……..yar kya tum hacking community ka link de sakte ho jaha se me wo cookies copy kar sako plz…………….and wo java script kaise bane gi… plz reply

  94. Hi Neha,
    This is Karan, what u can do is tell ur all orkut fnds to report abuse (which is given in ur orkut a/c) for this account as many times they can.
    This can help u.
    Try it.

  95. how to increase my scraps to 1000s automatically

  96. Hiii……
    …………………..This is Riyaz

    ……..And HI Arvind.. !.. thankx for the help and the way you are doing for those who are suffering from hacked…

    … and i just wanna say that.. People Plzzz plzz don’t try 2 hack any once passwor etc etc… plz.. it really hurts a lot!. it wont give anything. !except sadness !. .. by how much effort we creat our Id’s , with lods of fun and love !… . which keeps us in touch with our frenzzzz and others…. then suddenly if some 1 hacks our password then how it feels ??????

    ……….Plz do not try it , its my request.. .. .. and yea i don’t care if you trying 2 protect urself.. but don’t try 2 fool and hurt any one. !..

  97. Yeah u r right….
    but i need ur help if u can….
    i think u can help me easily……
    i want to hack a account of my friend…
    so please give me the link of javascript or otherwise contact me on my id……
    friend, its urgent
    my id is

  98. I want to hack a account of my friend…
    so please give me the link of javascript or otherwise contact me on my id……
    friend, its urgent

  99. hi aarvind i need a help from you actually my boy friend is having aa afair wit another girl on orkut so he had changed orkut password so i wanna know dat how to hack orkut password plzzzz tell me how to do?????

  100. i want to hack my orkutaccount


  102. Thts not the case now. There are real and more simple ways to hack orkut accs, I cant post them here, but anyone need it just mail me at i’ll tell u. Google leaved ths loop hole(option) for some security reasons. But now hackers are exploiting this option in the wrong way.

  103. hii friend,pls tell me how can i hack an orkut account?

  104. sir pls tell me easiest technique to hack the orkut account of my friend.

  105. can u tell me the name of the community

  106. hey friend can you plz tell me that how to hack others account without knowing the password?????

  107. sir pls tell me easiest technique to hack the orkut account of my friend.

  108. hiii….i tried a lot but never meet wid any hacker…..
    many i hav see they say that i m hacker ….
    if any one is dere help me n giv da passward of dis id
    n ma id is
    plz help me….
    any galz or boyz…whu is hacker…………….

  109. arvind u can do it…..thn send it 2 ma ……pplz….

  110. hi dear can pls tell that how can i hack the email id in orkut……….. pls i really want to knw it………. if u can tell me it would be a pleasure…..

    Thanks Regards

  111. hi can any hlp me recover my hacked orkut account,
    plz im in contact with my friends through orkut only…….
    plz someone help me……………..

  112. i nee d u help so plz
    help me yaar my ac is hacked yaar so wht i do plz tell me i want to b hacker too more then him

  113. can any 1 teach me how 2 hack orkut id and password plz i m really interested 2 knw this…………..

  114. hey dont say the consequences of hacking ols say how to hach an orkut id

  115. thanks for ur info
    one can avoid his account to be hacked by others only if he know how to hack others
    im expecting more posts regarding hacking orkut
    it ll be more useful

  116. well.! its gr8 dude… knwnin abt hakin

  117. hello arvind boss……..
    same reason some has changed my password too….
    plz help me yar……….

  118. dude..u forgot sum things….
    my way of hackin is sum different… i mostly use google tools for it…. which for password recover…
    u know the information which r required 4 it…. any of ur orkut frd can simply get 4m ur account.. as lyk account creation date from ur last scrap…
    ur user name from ur id…..
    so avoid hacking Ist u have to change ur prim email…. nd u have to disable ur last scraps…..
    now IInd method….
    fake pages…. u now now such type of fake pages in fashion[:)]… as lyk a pic… u will click it in ur sb.. nd it wil transfer ur cookiesss….
    either u can get a link.. which wil say download new orkut theme…
    u’l click on it… nd will loose ur account….
    arvind…. don mind… but u shud write dat things in ur blog…[:)]

  119. i need ur help if u can….
    i think u can help me easily……
    i want to hack a account of my friend…
    so please give me the link of javascript or otherwise contact me on my id……
    friend, its urgent

  120. yar..someone has done something with my account….and even i probably know the person…can u help me get my account back…

  121. Thanx dude very much for teaching us this much
    once my account was hacked
    there were two new communities that i did not add
    so i came 2 know and i changed my password

  122. plz tell me how to hack a gmail,orkut password?
    in simple procedure

  123. hey dude i want to know all the hacking procedures of orkut…this is only for knowledge…….plz tell me.
    my email id is

  124. can any bidy tell what the step

  125. hey dude i want to know all the hacking procedures of orkut…this is only for extra knowledge…….plz tell me.

  126. can any 1 tell me how 2 see locked scraps….

  127. hi..somebody put ma friend’s pic on orkut and running her can u please help her by your kindly solutions..please..temme fast..hope..u’ll give..thankz..

  128. Dear frnd
    plz hlp me.
    sm1 has hacked my orkut’s community
    now he hs deleted his account
    n i want my community back…
    so any1 plz hlp me.
    my e-mail

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