I wonder when people will stop nagging and criticizing sachin. whether u open a newspaper or a famous news channel u can find people who call themselves “experts” criticizing the greatest batsmen (this is in no way a exaggeration) . And its too exasperating to find these people,who dont have even half of his achievements, talking abt his abilites.

Ofcourse critic is an important part to keep the game interesting and to make game much more simpler ,but sticking on to one player and nagging him after every failure just adds into the players misery. and for people like sachin who has served the indian cricket for almost 2 decades now ,and by far the biggest contributor for inida’s success , its like an an insult to an injury when people talk abt his retirement and worse when they start talking abt his technique .

somepeople talk abt his ability to win matches for inida and abt his obsession only for only personal scores, let me make one thing clear to those fools ,(sorry for the sarcastic remark ) inida has won the match about 31 times out of 40 hundreds he has scored.. Plz now dont ell me u want india to win every time sachin scores ,why the hell are other 10 players sitting in the cricket ground. and dont forget that during the 90’s almost every match was supposed to be lost once sachin got out early.And there’s no way somebody can talk abt his consistency unless u can call a player with an average of 44 and 56 in ODI’s and test’s ,respectively, an inconsistent player.Sachin is the only player in india to have played equally well in overseas grounds ,ofcourse u can’t count dravid out.

ITs totally absurd that inspite of everything he has done for the country’s cricket ,people never cease remarking their blunt statements towards the cricketing wizard. Ofcourse he is not at his best now.BUT he isn’t performing that bad enough to talk abt his retirement and u cant expect him to be the backbone of the indian cricket till eternity.

dont u consider him as a human???

One response to “STOP NAGGING TENDULKAR !!!

  1. Very True… Damn these critics… I m always sick of these critics and wanna slap them… Here’s my post after Sachin reached 15k ODI runs !!

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