NOKIA N95- A revolution in itself

Isn’t that gorgeous ??? Wait a minute , dont be envious !!! just because i am writing a post on this doesn’t mean i own it..Well thats a common perception , 🙂 .In no way i fancy my chances of owning it. Tts too sumptuous as far as i am concerned.

Well ,the post just shows my infatuation for the amazing model.A revolution in itself. Some of u may not agree especially the ERICSON fan’s 😛 .Anyway that wont stop me from talking abt this phone..As far as i am concerned its taken the mobile manufacturing to a totally diffrent era.

With so many features juxtaposed without compromising the compactness of the phone is just amazing (99x53x21 mm).It has 5 mega pixel camera and has an internal memory of 160 MB and 2 GB micro SD card is bundled with it.Like many other n95 uses symbian operating system.Music features aren’t bad either but the main thing that appeals to me the most is the GPS facility . However u have to download maps for using that facilty.FM and TV out facility is also functional.

According to me its an exquisite peice of technology with loads of features .Obviously u cant expect me to review all the features here ,for god sake i am not a gadget expert :p .Still curious ?? if any ,plz help urself and check out some good tech site. I have to stop it here..HOPE to own that one unless some other peice from the nokia rivals come out with anothor marvel .

2 responses to “NOKIA N95- A revolution in itself

  1. Free to think, free to believe...

    It’s the start of the transformers Quick everybody, RUN!

    Sometimes I can be sensible and at other times my better nature takes control…

  2. Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

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