Education system – A joke

Its been more than three years since i started cursing myself and the tamilnadu board of education and no wonder, it has only increased more.let me tell u education systems sucks a big time here .Well,for those oblivious abt the place , i am in no mood to take a geography classes here. So please help yourself and find a MAP 🙂 .

I came to my homeland (tamil nadu) to have an undergraduate course in some good college . Disregarding all the good colleges i got, in the place where i did my schooling i came with a dream of getting into a good institution . But i was baffeled to see how the tamil nadu government has created such an absurd and ludicrous system. Much of the criterion is satisfied by the amount of marks u score in your 12th grade. I was happy realise that i had got a decent score of 80 percentile ,but the real blow came when i heard people here scoring even 100 percentile (in Physics ,chemistry,and maths) . CBSE students and people from other states like me can never compete with those kind of marks . I mean, people here get 100 percentile like 1st graders not because students here are intelligent or extraordinary but because here CRAMMING is the golden rule (ofcourse there are some brilliant students also). The standard of the examination is too low with almost all the questions asked directly ,any twists in them will fetch them free marks 🙂 (that sounds crazy enough). Next , coming to entrance point of view ,well thats another thing that makes me laugh aloud. though entrance is supposed to be an test to students mental ability and innovative approach,these are the last things which u can expect in the entrance test here. Its more of an test to check ur cramming skill and bookish knowledge. u have to drink every word in the book to get a good score.
After getting into institutions students get a hard time to cope up with their curricullam as it requires some skill and not cramming and fianlly ,the government blames the students . As far as i am concerned the root of the cause lies in the education system itself . Schooling is so easy that people get used to read the book without understanding what is in it and to my surprise even score good marks. Unless something is done to change to school curicullam there is no point in blaming students .

Well,if this is not enough the people sitting in those regal govenment chairs are adopting another idea to bring the education system into chaos by removing the entrance itself. Now if u get even 90 percentile u can’t get into a good college.And the reservation based on caste adds more to the students agony.These al factors will only lead to the degrading of the metal skills of a student which is required to be a good scholar in any stream.

Well , luckily colleges like scsvmv 🙂 and other institutions are there, which comes as a saviour for people like me.. 😛

I wonder if even GOD knows where the education system is leading to.

2 responses to “Education system – A joke

  1. Well, what are you going to do about it? If you’re really unhappy with the education system, maybe you should do something about it.. Open a school, or a college..

  2. @ niranj now , if opening a school or college had changed the course of our education system ,the condition wouldn’t be so bad as it is now..its not abt school , its about bad administration of the education

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