Another Indian Ritual !!!

This post is in reference to this article. Well ,this may not be a surprise for the indian readers however outsiders may be shocked by this. yes, welcome to india , land of superstitions 🙂 . In this  ritual people allow their head as a platform to break a cocunut 🙂 . Infact ,the priest himself did this act for about 700 odd people who thronged from various places across inida just to participate in this festival.people believe that by doing this act their wishes will be fulfilled.

Even though ambulance was available for those badly injured ,its ironic that the people refrain themselves from going for a treatment .

I am not a atheistic but i am against these kinds of religious practices. Ofcourse everybody should be allowed to be relegious in their own manner but this seems totally absurd and ridiculous to me. However ,in india u can see daily some or the other thing that will seem to be totally ludicrous and queer.

One response to “Another Indian Ritual !!!

  1. hahaha fun … I guess those guys are living with quite intense headache… their act actually sounds stupid but faith is something even bigger than just acts. 🙂

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