It has been just a month since i wrote a post about the great indian mystery,inidan cricket has shown its enigma again.Though india started the series as favourites against all the odds ,india almost lost the first test match ,thanks to the rain god for the timely one had much expectaions from the second test after the shabby performance in the first test but to every one’s surprise, just out of the blues, india  won the test with sachin answering to all the critics.Now coming to the third test , india has a reputaion of letting loose in the third test…that is every time india had a lead of 1-0 overseas , india has managed to loose to even the scores.But this time with the massive first innings score india is on the verge of making it 2-0.Almost all the players firing from top to bottom india would have gone into the record books for scoring 600 runs without any hundreds but alas !!! its been deprived by the amazing unbeatable century by 36 year old kumble 🙂 . dhoni too showed his class and style to all his crickets stating that he can bat even overseas and how can i write a post on cricket without mentioning the great sachin . sachin proved with the elegant still solid 82 that the last match innings was no fluke .

Sometimes it feels that i am watching a movie with lots of twists and turns that keeps u  eagerly wating for every next frame.

Anyway , i am  trying to forget the world cup debacle ,looking forward for the 20 -20 world cup.Hope this time there’s is no fiasco waiting for all the cricket fans…

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