PARTNER – A Real masti

“Do u want a partner …Oh partner…do u want a partner…oh partner..luv me luv me say….. “.These are the lines which u will keep humming once u come out of the theater after watching the movie. Yes, Its true and to be frank i enjoyed a hindi comedy movie after a long long time and will be definately in my favourite list along with “andaz apna apna”.

The movie is a  remake of Will smith starrer hollywood movie “THE HITCH” .Though i dint see it till now ,but will see it soon after watching the bolywood version.The story revolves around salman khan who plays the character of LOVE GURU who helps people for succeeding in their love. Govinda plays as a finacial adviser in khatrina kaif’s multi crore company.He falls in love with his boss (khatrina kaif) and goes to the luv guru seeking his help. Initially salman khan refuses stating the love is too far fetched and is beyond the realm of possibility.But govinda manages to persuade him as  a mentor for his love , and infact govinda manages to win khatrina kaif’s heart…in the mean time salman khan falls in love with  larra dutta who plays as a reporter.Salman khan follows her only to find that she is already married and has a one boy.But inspite of this he proposes her and she too agrees .but when larra dutta comes to know the real  profession of salman ,everything in govinda’s and salman’s life ends into a jeopardy.

Every frame in the movie has a tinch of humour in it which will make u laugh aloud. Another character which i enjoyed  a lot was “chotta DON ” played by a actor (oops ,forgot his name). After a long time u can see govinda in his original style ,which he used in his movies in the  nintees coolie no1 ,aankhen,hero no1. Both actors rocked together . Last but not the least if the above things can’t take u to the theateres then atleast for khatrina kaif and larra dutta’s sake go and watch it..they look gorgeous ,though i am a bit prejudiced abt katrina kaif :p .

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