What an independence day ??

Today morning i woke up and checked my mobile for messages only to see that my inbox was out of any new messages.Its quite queer that this state on any other ordinary day would have been normal but when i realised that it was independence day it was quite disheartning to accept the fact how much are we bothered abt the independence day.

Ofcourse, i am not among those who think that patriotism can be displayed by some crazy forwards. But when i realised the situation one week ago during  friendship day  i was  taken aback as that day i still remember i got nearly 50 forwards or just mesages wishing “happy friendship day ” and that too in a span of 3 hours during midnight.Let me tell u agian ,i am not saying that if u send a forward then only u are a patriot ,infact, to be frank i dint send that many messages for frendship day either and nor did i send any messages for independence day.But what makes me gripped with dismay is that those people who are bothered so much abt the friendship day aren’t least intrested in independence day.All though i recieved a message or two from my friends that changed the total meaning of the wish ,though i enjoyed the message a lot. Here’s the message

” for all those who are single and dont have lovers


 You may think who am i  to ask others ?? what have i done for this day?? My terse answer to this is that i am not obligated to show my patriotsm to anybody. And niether i have qualms about people not sending any messages for the special day . I just wrote what i felt.

Anyway Happy independence day to all the inidan readers.

Jai hind !!!


6 responses to “What an independence day ??

  1. ya. u are absolutely right. independence day is only a holiday and nothing more than that. by celebrating thi day u can’t gain anything. no cards, no gifts, no girlfriends. so wats the use of celebrating it? this is the thinking of today’s generation. and that’s the reason behind no sms on independence day.

  2. Hey wish u the same! Btw, to start with, I read your ‘walking down the memory lane’ page. I must say it was not that lengthy 😛

  3. Free to think, free to believe...

    I don’t know, and to think you got loads of ‘friendship’ emails – it reminds me of an old criticism of the internet – it’s just too darn easy sometimes and you want to feel good – just forwards a nice email and you can feel all warm and gooey – yes I am a grouchy b_______!

    At least you could think that folk take what they do seriously on independence day – whatever it is that they do.

    Maybe next year they’ll send you emails for ID and not for FD!

  4. I thought I left a comment here :O

  5. @aparna
    ah!! finally someone with different perception..
    it could have been longer just abstained myself from bugging my visitors ..i can write book on my school life … :P..

    off topic -sorry came home today only..so just now cheked ur comments..thanks for dropping by and keep peeping

  6. hey i think u misunderstood.. i was talking abt sms..not emails 🙂

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