Google,yahoo,gahooyoogle and now polycola -an innovative search engine!!

Some of u must have read my post on gahooyoogle a search engine which shows u the results for a searched item from both yahoo and google juxtaposed together.

The creater arbel hakopian has made another innovation in the search engine and designed polycola . Infact i was oblivious abt this site one of my visitor made me aware of this site.

This search engine is similar to the gahooyoogle in the way that it too shows results from two search engines together so that u can have a comparitive approch ,but what makes it different and indeed more interesting is the fact that u can get results from two search engines of ur choice like Google , Yahoo , Ask , Altavista , Dogpile , AOL and Live ..

sounds pretty cool to me..check out the screen shots when i tried.

polycola.jpg search-results.gif

try it and comment here

8 responses to “Google,yahoo,gahooyoogle and now polycola -an innovative search engine!!

  1. WOW, thank you for sharing!

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  3. Thanks Arvind for nice usefull blog,
    There are more search engines like this. Check Also check , which compares result from yahoo & google and presents it in very nice manner ..

    FYI visit :

  4. was the first site to place Google and Yahoo side by side on one split screen and any two search engines as well. Its a service by the YellowPages Corporation.

  5. thanks for the link steve..
    i was in oblivious about such search engine till now

  6. has transformed into is an expansion to the idea of, now you can search Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, AOL, Dogpile, Altavista…

    Arbel Hakopian is the creator of and has announced that he has replaced with

    The mentioned in the other answer was a ridiculous imitation of along many other imitations after many years that was running. The reason for these imitations was the big success of was created in 2005 and is now replaced with

    Go to and read “About PolyCola” for the whole story of and by the founder of both of them.

  7. Here is an exciting website similar to polycola.

    Very simple, easy to use and results from multiple search engines on one screen with great user experience. Enjoy, -Cola.

  8. I would recommend trying out you can cross search in as many frames as you want and it has a ton of engines.

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