Though i have seen a lot of telugu movies in CD ,yesterday was my first experience in theater and infact i am glad about it. ,not because the movie is splendid or something like that but because the movie would have been a disaster if i had waited to see it in CD or DVD.

The Movie is about a theif (NTR) who gets acquainted with maheshwari (priyamani) when she runs out of her house . Though she inherits a huge property from her grandfather ,her relatives embezzle all her fortune and treat her as a slave.NTR manages to find that she is from a rich family and plans that can make life out of her if he kidnaps priyamani(not exactly kidnapping). Now priyamani’s relatives not in a mood to pay the ransome kills him. NTR goes to yama loka and steals yamaraja’s post and thats why the film is named yama donga. why he does so and how ?? is the story line .

First half is good ,scoring in every aspect that a good entertaining film shoud have .NTR looks totally changed in his new slim physique which suits him far better than the earlier one. and thank god he did it 😛 ..i wonder how he managed to loose so much of weight..Ostentatious sets are used in yamaloka scenes which are mersmerizing. and what to say abt NTR’s dancing abilities .he was just stunning in those dance sequences .second half is a bit sober and too lengthy.. i just wanted to come out of the theater 🙂

*may be because i dont understand that much of pure telugu* 🙂 . climax goes a bit overboard ,unbeleivable and even the fact that the movie is a fantacy one cannot justify what happens in the end .

Finally let me introduce u to my latest crush mamta mohan das who plays a second fiddle role but still has marked her presence brilliantly . No doubt about her acting skills but what turned me on was her charm.

On the whole the movie was good leaving some inexpicable situations with good picturization,good sound tracks,excellent dance sequences and flamboyant sets …

If u havn’t seen the movie i leave the choice to urs..take a wise decision . 😛


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