AH ! Again the same old internals!!


I wonder how often i use this statement. From tuesday i have internal tests and this is the statement which keeps haunting my mind before every internals “internals ,not again !!.” Three years have gone by and there’s not even a slightest change in my condition.Everytime just before the internals when i look into the books i see myself in no mans land.

Every semester starts with a vow to study from the very first day ,but with every passing day i seem to go astray of my path. And before i could realise this and dredge it up , its too difficult to salvage what is left.These qualms keep keep lingering me everytime and i hate to say i am not a prudent guy.

The only solace i find evertime in this dreary condition is when i see my friends too in same state ,which keeps me going or should i say, us going ,as this is the situation ,most of the students face nowadays. Infact, this helps us to blolster our languish condition.

Anyway ,enough of my gibberish post or it would be wise to say ‘a crap’, You better read some good post and i will catch up with my books .

One response to “AH ! Again the same old internals!!

  1. yeah man….these internal exams r really a nightmare to me!!!
    always bugging to sit with these pillowish books in front n to keep studying always….

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