Hmmmm….Well….so we have another post on orkut …Even if my brain  refrains myself from posting anymore posts on orkut ,my finger just remains obstinate and types the word orkut again and again and again.Sorry guys can’t help it..so bear with me , read the last one unless i come up with another crap on orkut..

Morning i just logged on to my account in orkut and fount an pic on the lower left side of the home page. Out of curiousity i clicked that ,It took me to orkut blog.. DAMN !!! the old firefox sux ..it takes eternity to open a blog in blogspot.com(dont know why).. finally i had to change to Internet explorer..Finally i managed to open the page and was half shocked and half elated to see a post “Coming Soon: A New Look!”.

Yes the orkut has redesigned its looks. and  beleive me it rocks .Atleast for lethargic people like me who have already lost intrest in orkut the redesign will be like energy booster .

For the past two months or so orkut has been updating it lot of features ,first the orkut blog which is an interesting platform for people to know whats going on orkut.and ofcourse without that this post would be possible 😛 . Then they added multimedia to the scraps allowing people  to send pics ,audio and even videos.Andnow the grand one,changing the look of it will bring a new cheer in the users.

 And ofcourse it may change my mind to use orkut a few more days 🙂

check out the new look

Orkut with a new look

13 responses to “ORKUT – WITH A NEW LOOK NOW

  1. hey,

    i saw this too, pretty exciting. i just hope they wud give more attention to privacy.

    see ya, and btw, i dont think we can ignore orkut:)

  2. The redesign looks like just a template change. I would have liked improvements in features, or I may shift to facebook completely!

  3. i agree with u totally..
    though we can give less attention to orkut its difficult to ignore it 🙂

  4. @ kpowerinfinity
    they cant change the features completly overnight..
    over a period of time they have added new features

  5. Well. But in the meantime other socialnets have left them far behind in terms of features, esp. Facebook which is the buzz all over the internet lately. But yeah, they have pretty high pageviews:

    Anyway, it’s still pretty sticky. That’s why orkut will live.


  6. oh … may be…but i haven’t used it till now..
    if u are insisting i will try facebook my self and write a post about it

  7. I found out about the new orkut look too but in a different way. I had gone with my friend to a Reliance Webworld because we wanted to avail a Dominos offer which was going to start after like an hour or something. So instead of going back, we thought we might just wail away time…it’s like the most productive thing we can do with our time.

    He logged into his account and we were like shocked for a couple of seconds. This new Orkut looked pretty but more complicated. But as we got used to it, it was a nice change. I don’t know how the others will react though because we know some people don’t know any website other than orkut. It might be tough for them to get used to the little more complicated but stylish style.

    I came home and logged into my own account and realized that mine was still old style. I tried refreshing Firefox but nope, it was still the same. Later I read their blog and realized that they had chosen a random group of people who would have the new interface in the first week and the rest would keep getting it as the weeks passed by. I cursed Orkut for not choosing me and then my friend for being lucky.

  8. i understand ur agitation.. 😛
    even i was thinking the same way..
    anyway we wont be deprived of our right everybody is gonna get the new look some or the other day..

  9. I was quite active on Orkut till a couple of months back. Now I really like Facebook better because it has so many cool applications and the privacy settings are awesome. Orkut has no privacy settings to speak of. I didn’t like the new look either. I don’t really care about the new theme/fonts. The features and the privacy settings are still as bad 😦

  10. lots of facebook users..
    got to try it…

  11. Wascally Wabbit

    I’ve been getting the new template for about a week now, its gr8. Its not just another template change, its packs in features as well and its still FAST unlike the rest!!

  12. seems that u are one of lucky fews who have got the change in design into order
    hope i dont have to wait for a long time

  13. look for ‘kpowerinfinity’.

    Have fun!

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