playboy u

Playboy is starting its own social netwirking site just for college students .The site is named PLAYBOY U.

This is what their header says

” Get enrolled at Playboy U, an exclusive college only non nude social network. Here is where you can show your school pride, connect with other students and celebrate the social side of college.”

The site requires .EDU mails  and another message that appears in at the login is “Sorry, but high schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can’t join.” .Isn’t that funny 😛 . You can join only if somebody invites u .

Their services personal profile ,photo postings , blogs ,forums,public faculty 🙂 , public and private clubs. You can connect with new freinds ,participate in schol and on campus parties .Participate in active forms, quizzes and puzzles .

I wonder if the features offered can go on well with the brand name  “playbboy” .


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  2. ur website is so boring it is unbeleivable and dont bother sendin me a reply or otherwise i wont read it so what u up 2 then lol love ya xxxxx

  3. I love your website…Actually I love anything that is or has to do with playboy! So keep up the good work! Lots of Love! MUH!!!

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