Which signature is the BEST ??

Got an idea of adding a signature at the end of every post from a friend. Now after a long reserch found some signatures for my name but now the dilemma is which one shoiuld i use..

please help me decide which one would be better..

plz comment below i would be waiting for ur reply









dont forget to comment below…


22 responses to “Which signature is the BEST ??

  1. I like the first one. The second one is good too if you can have it in a different color.

  2. thanks i will try to get it in a different colour…

  3. One of the the cursive ones. I also go for the first one.

  4. thanks dinsan 🙂

  5. Second one looks cool.

  6. I too like the first one 🙂
    Btw, is this some strategy for getting more comments? 😛

  7. thanks for u comments sha and aparna,
    @ aparna..
    not this is not….hmmm, ok in a minor way it is 😛
    anyway i just wanted to get the veiws of my beloved readers

  8. Wascally Wabbit

    Use simple text for your signatures and you can be sure that it gets displayed properly in all mail services.. To spruce it up, You can come up with your own quote after the saying.

  9. thanks for the advice man..
    i would reckon it

  10. Not knowing you, I can only say that the three block sigs are–dull. #2 is a bit fluffy and feminine. Why does the last one look like the bottom was cropped off? If not for that, it is a nice compromise between simple and distinctive. Truth is, Wabbit is right…

  11. Sorry mate, but a little old school for my taste. But of the lot, maybe the first

  12. thanks guys i will stick with the first one ..unless something better comes up 😛

  13. yeah!! good choice…..

  14. first , How did you create a signature ?

  15. first 2 and last one i created from this site
    and others are just cool fonts …

  16. @ bachodi
    off to[pic i want to lknpow hw u created those feed and subscribe buttons ..
    i too want to have those

  17. First one indeeed 🙂

  18. @ allirekha
    i am using that one if u noticed 😛

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