Gunidy Snake Park

A college holiday has become synonymous with boredom nowadays. I dont know how many people are like me have this kind of schedule every day when u get a day or so off (i am sure a lot of them do have). Getting up at 10: 30 ,doing all the mandatory rituals 😛 then logging on to the net sneaking into peoples blog finding some witty ways to comment ,checking blog stats again and again no matter it increases or not, then eating with a subsequent nap again getting up and fuming the PC chips. Again stuffing something in mouth and a watching TV till ur eyes are burning late night and finally getting into bed.

Yesterday was the same like any other ordinary day i just wrote above, when One of my friends “RR” asked if we could go out, without hesitation i accepted. He told me he will ask our other friends and call back in an hour.i became busy in my usual vetti work of reading others blog when he called me tto get ready by 2 (damn !! was he stupid to move out at 2 with the scorching sun that stands above) anyway i had no other option so asked how many of our friends are coming .HE told just u , and bharat (WOW, we are moving out to have a great time somewhere yet to be known and how many are we, JUST 3) i had expected this .So everything was in plan except to the fact there we dint know where to go.I gave my usual idea of spencers 😛 (that’s the place where we end up most of the times, of course, not for buying!!) he said a big NO .Then i asked “why shouldn’t we go city center ” there was a big grunt on that side of the phone. I am sure he would have kicked my ass if i was near him .then their were some random ideas from both of us from beach to zoo. Finally, decided to go to snake park as we both were quite oblivious about it as we had never visited the place since we joined college here 3 years ago .i called to barath and asked him to come to crompet station .Then their was the best thing that could have happened RR called and told that he was bringing his uncles esteem. 🙂

We got into the car after sometime when he arrived and then it was “DESTINATION SNAKE PARK” all the way.

As we saw the board declaring chennai snake park ,we were quite surprised by the modest ticket price (just 10 bucks per person and 15 for digi cam that bharat brought) .


YOU must be wondering what a deer is doing in a snake park.Actually guindy national park is located just beside the snake park ,probably some deers came out looking food. Inside there was an array of glasses cabins in which the snakes were kept. It started with some indian viper ,sand boa ,then some lizards named hmmm, ok some blah blah blah(sorry but i am not accustomed with snake names 😛 so cant help it..).Some 022.jpgsnakes were so small that it took a while to figure out where they were hiding.i wonder what must be going on through the snakes mind to be in a solitary cell of about i cubic meter..then there was the huge indian python, the very first thing that came to my mind was the scene from harry potter where harry talks with a similar snake and fortunately this is a Pure muggle world ,no gimmickries with glasses allowed Phython(Damn!! these harry potter movies ,cant go to a snake park without thinking of them :P) i dont know if it had its supper but it never seemed to move.

We moved on then came the cobra (in tamil called as “nalla pambu ” 🙂 ). it was directly staring at the visitors “us” so called barath to take a still before it moves .Many more some Vipersnakes were in their respective cages venomous, non venomous many other categories. After a long dislay of snakes came turtles name i could remember is star turtle whose shell appeared like a star .nobody had enough patience to see poor and timid turtles. So we moved on to monitors section . Monitors are just huge lizards lots of varieties were there in these monitors too though all seemed alike. then there were those horrendous crocodiles which is always used along with the name stewe irwin (poor steve irwin 😦 ) .048.jpgIn the crocodiles section me and RR even had a bit of a silly tangle over the types gharial ,crocodile and alligator .fortunately barath was in my side so he had to accept even if what he said was correct 😛 . those beautiful gharials were basking in the sun and seemed unaware of the public attention (of course ,they are used to it 🙂 ) .We were almost over with all the snakes ,turtles ,monitors ,lizards and crocs when we heard an announcement being made asking all the gharialvisitors to assemble near the demonstration area. Hoping it to be an interactive one we all gathered at the required area. After a few minutes one guy came aged hardly 25 and took one snake from one of the boxes kept beside . As soon as he did , a loud voice in tamil started to describe the snake its habitat ,its prey ,its harmfulness to humans etc etc..Most of it was quite gibberish. Once finished in tamil a voice started the same description in English .then again in hindi. Being well acquainted in all three languages it was quite boring to listen to the same crap again and again. CObraThe procedure continued for three more snakes. The only thing that was good was they had demonstrated a cobra. once this was over everybody started to leave the place .We too came out silenlty out of the snake park. It was a good experience though i had expected the place to be bigger.But it was exciting to see lot of snakes ,turtles and crocodiles which under normal circumstances could be seen and who could forget about the nuisance created while taking pictures.

In the end I would like to mention one thing that out of all things mentioned one thing is not true its just my own addition as barath told me ” machaan !! eyutharthu nalla getha eyuthu” ..hope u got where I am pointing to…if still it doesn’t sink in ur head never mind thanks for having patience , for all those who have read the full post (without skimming) 😛 .


6 responses to “Gunidy Snake Park

  1. FTc…
    dude, i am paranoid of snakes after watching ‘snakes on a plane’… gosh… they freaked me out like crazy((
    but again… given the choices u had , snake park was a good one…i guess… i rem few snakes from this park.

    see ya…

  2. and… i noticed THE signature:)

  3. thanks for noticing…
    and snakes,paranoid, i will remember that… 🙂

  4. hey tat was a very nice naration….n u r absolutely rite….how can u enter a snake park without having a jist of that “serpenta sausia” spell(sorry if i’m spelling it wrong)….!!

  5. FTc…
    dude, i am paranoid of snakes after watching ‘snakes on a plane’… gosh… they freaked me out like crazy((
    but again… given the choices u had , snake park was a good one…i guess… i rem few snakes from this park

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