How To hack Gmail , yahoo , Hotmail passwords ??

Updated :: After receiving some harsh comments by some idiotic morons who don’t even bother to read the full post let me tell u i am not here advocating any hacking here ..Read the post carefully before commenting… dont try this… this technique was used by some cheap hacker on ORKUT …I am just mentioning it so that you people dont try it. If you try this you will lose your own password. There are many sites which says u can hack gmail  , yahoo , orkut or any other site just by following the steps like these i have given below.. Ironically you will get yourself hacked by following these steps.

Well ,yesterday i was going through one of the hacking communities just for checking if any new hacking script has come up or not. I saw a topic named ” how to hack gmail / yahoo / hotmail ?? ” . Out of curiousity when i opened it, it made me laugh aloud . I mean some anonymous guy posting a topic like that seemed totally absurd and that too a cheap phishing technique probably used during the early ninties 🙂

check out what was posted in that topic..

” How to hack gmail/ hotmail / yahoo passwords!

It is possible and it is easy. This way of hacking into any kind of account was brought to my attention by my friend working in microsoft,in animation cell. u have to just…

  • STEP 1– Log in to your own gmail/ yahoo or hotmail account. Note: Your account must be at least 1 weeks old for this trick to work.

  • STEP 2– Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to: ############################# (removed the mail id which was written because ppl were actually trying it )..depending on which account u want to hack..These is the mailing address to the automated server that sends out passwords to users who have forgotten them. What you are going to do is trick the server into thinking that it is sending your password to you but it will send you the pass for the account you are trying to hack instead.

  • STEP 3– In the subject line type exactly: “userpassword retrieve” (case sensative, without the inverted commas)
  • STEP 4– On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
  • STEP 5– On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
  • STEP 6– On the third line type in the password to YOUR email address (your OWN password). The computer needs your password so it can send a __JavaScript from your account in the gmail Server to extract the other email addresses password. This works because you are sending your password to a machine not a person. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.

  • STEP 7– The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:


This is a cheap technique to lure innocent people who want to learn hacking or want to hack someone’s mail.  These types of posts actually are posted in forums or some other sites asking people to send some details along with their own password to a email address which looks like an admin mail address . The truth is that the given email address itself is created by the person who posts the technique. So when people try to send the mail address they want to hack along with their own password they themselves get hacked because the password is sent to the person’s mail. So the Hunter gets hunted.

Some points before you comment here -:

I am not a hacker so please dont leave a comment asking me to hack that mail for you.  I am least bothered if your girlfriend / Boyfriend betrayed you , I am not going to hack any emails for you . This Post was just to inform u guys that if you people try to hack Gmail / Yahoo or any other email through the above method your account would get hacked .

So Be careful  before you try all the nonsense that you read. Stop Searching for things like hacking gmail  , hacking yahoo. These are well secured sites and you cant  hack through them just by following some lame steps given in a site or a forum . You cant hack just overnight , It takes years to master the art of hacking so please please please stop thinking that you would be able to hack through accounts just by googling it over the web.

184 responses to “How To hack Gmail , yahoo , Hotmail passwords ??

  1. hahah, amazing. and i know a handfull of people who would fall for that. will have to try it out 😈

  2. try different one

  3. Wascally Wabbit

    Its been around for quite sometime now. But its definitely worth the try 😉

  4. some despo wud actually try it. but u never know…
    see ya:)

    • Hey shuz,

      How u doing?. This is manish from india (new delhi) 28yrs old. Im an IT-head / Web-graphic designer with travel company. Would love to hear from you. tcr

  5. @planemad ,@@wascally wabbit..
    yeah i agree with u totally..infact some people had even reply in the community stating they were not able to anything even though they tried it.. 😛

    i hope people dont ask me to teach more of these hacking methods 😛

  6. lol… i hope so too:)

    see ya

  7. Ahahaha! I’ve seen this before too. And I know quite a few people who will easily fall for it.

    Everybody wants to hack. Hell they don’t even know how to Shut Down the computer probably but they wanna learn hacking and many fall prey to these silly things. There are several friends of mine who know only Orkut. If you tell them to make a Gmail account, they’ll most probably not be able to do that even. I don’t know what somebody gets out of hacking. Let the pro’s do it and reap the benefits! 😛

  8. Ish
    well said…. that was what i was tring to convey here 😛

  9. You are so stupid . /

    all services with same alias, are jocking with people to send you theirs passwords.

    Stupid people belives in miracles and you fuc…

  10. @ raider
    another moronic visitor in my webpage 😛
    read the full post u Fu****
    and then talk..

  11. some one deleted my Post..! Comment

  12. what the heck…if at all it was so easy……..!ch&%#

  13. y da???
    en inda kola veri???
    paavam….u have made so many ppl fools!!!
    ana adule oru thani sandosham….keep it up…! keep going….

  14. i think hacking is some thing speciyal 4 the people?i agree with don

  15. u do hacking and i provied security from that…………..just com………

  16. People, this is crap. It is just his own Gmail-adres and everybody who’s try’s is just sending him your password.

    Go and watch. You say to gmail you forgot your password. Then you fill “pass.retv”. After that he ask what you librarycardnumber is and if you ask to send the password to you secundairy email in steat of your cardnumber. Than Gmail say to you that the password is send to your Does that sound as it is go to a computer? So change your password before it is to late.

    • hello….
      m suffering for the same problem….somebody hacked my account….n whenever i reset my password it work for some time and then on refresh i get enter ur passwrod what to do… acount getting hacked regulary….i caannot del becuz of some imp work

  17. @ rajashree :: i am not making any fools here 😛

  18. @david : yes this is a crap thats y i have posted it here..
    @parth : this trick is called phishing ofcourse some people may fall for this..
    but thats what i want to make people aware of..
    ths trick was used by some guy in orkut..
    this is not at all my creation..

  19. I know someone who would fall for that. He would fall so bad…

  20. please hacke theese Id ok thanks alot tell him I’m diox
    tell him I’m diox .
    please hack them now

  21. some one hack this Id
    from yahoo id
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  22. Hollow,
    Is the any trick to hack gamil,yahoo,hotmail and orkut account
    i tried (( but it suck.
    Man do publish some trick to get the password

  23. any one can hack this yahoo ID too…. &

    because the girl i love it she cheated at me and i want to distract they relationship….

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  24. please and please tellme the password of this hotmail

  25. hi Arvi

    shld enter the e-mail addresses like

    pls reply ……I tried. but failed


  26. There is this service providing with anybody’s email password :

    its pretty cool

  27. is it really that easy to actually hack yahoo or gmail?

  28. i tried. its nt workin dude…
    arvind.. can u gimme d crct proc…

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  30. Ha ha ha very OLD trick. Try somethig new kidz.

  31. stupid lie.. if u do beliv it.. then try for urself.. but do use an account that u dont/wnt use.

  32. lol as if ani1 fallf for thism giving their passwords away……

  33. haha im gonna try this just for fun and it would be pretty kool if it worked but anyone whos stupid enough 2 try this on the email that they actually use…. is just wow….

  34. also u dude who wrote this have u tried this before dissing it?? i mean ya probably it sucks but lol theres a chance it works…. anyway if this deosnt work do u guyz no anywhere where u can find another method?

  35. I need hack user

    PLZ HACK HIS ACCAUNT AND DELETE ALL MESAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  36. i smell a lot of hatred in the Internet

  37. Can’t believe all the people who are posting here and don’t even realize that its a phishing scheme that he found…

    Open your eyes, people!!!

    (Nice find by the way, even if it is a bit old)

  38. @ diarg
    finally someone who read the post completely 🙂

  39. any one can hack this yahoo ID
    is very important because i think my girl cheating me and i need to know!!! help anybody !
    send password to my email . my email is , please help:)

  40. any one can hack this yahoo ID
    is very important because i think my girl cheating me and i need to know!!! help anybody !
    send password to my email . my email is , please help:)

  41. plz hack me the password of (
    i hv a doubt that my girlfrend has may afaired with that person……..
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  42. plz hack me the password of (
    i hv a doubt that my girlfrend has may afaired with that person……..
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  43. I don’t think hacking someone’s email is too cool, UNLESS REVENGE is a payback ( my opinion)

    But this address is part of a ring of online scammers who use stolen credit cards to purchase online items and have them shipped to Africa.

    They tried this with my company – I Almost Fell for it. So if anyone wants or can find out who and if this is a real person and has info, I’d gladly be ready to try and return the favor.


  44. Yahoo/Myspace/AOL/Hotmail/Facebook… I can help u find anyones passwd thru fishing method. To get a fishing thing, email me at: or

  45. hey this is all CRAP and you are such a dumb hacker. Your full of yourself and if you think I’m going to fall for this? Wow your part of the stupid population AND stupid hackers.

  46. pls send me the screenshot of the mail
    I am not able to get the reply
    mail me at

  47. can any one hack these mails for me pls
    mail the password 2

  48. Well some dude told me he was here he said this was all a fake 😛 and he was the one who got hacked thats wat sucks u just dont know 😀

  49. idiots, if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, leave her.

  50. if any one beilieve it work then let him paste it free 4 every newbies to used

  51. Hi Ppl, web mail providers always try hard to secure there clients.So if you see anything like this that means its old, it cant be work.

  52. hello
    Brothers i wana to learn ID,s hack,,,
    if any 1 know plzzz Tell me
    i shall Very thank Full To U?

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  54. hey there r so many fools ion this world

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  58. woahhhhhh
    nice work

  59. I did try it to retrieve my own 2nd gmail password….let me see if it works….thanks ………for this

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  61. my dear brother and syster , i am new to this hacking field. i want to become hacker. but i know you people who know hacking will not teach to others. you people think all data should be visible to you but not to others. but i am sure one day i will become a very good hacker and will teach others too. if any body think himself hacker and read this material remember my name one day i will be back.

    if you have any comment then plz forward it to

  62. اوعدنى انك ما تمسحها قول (لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله) وارسلها للى عندك امانه فى ذمتك ليوم القيامه

  63. is it works really???? , i need quickly to hack an friend mail to joke with him, anyone help me, plz …
    need realy to have an email least 1 week?

  64. never try with actual mail id

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  66. Wow…. Just wow. The thing I love best is how people read the title of the article, read the first line, get pissed because “They’ve seen this before and know it doesn’t work”, then just scroll to the end to post an angry comment. This is a funny story! Go back and reread it, the author isn’t telling you that this works!!! I hope that the person that originally came up with this scam did it in good humor.

    I stumbled across this article because I was curious to see if it was easy to get into an email account. My fiance and I had been selling a somewhat expensive laptop on EBay, when we were asked to do a Buy It Now for higher than we hoped. The scammer was not very good, as she tried to spoof the headers to appear like they were coming from PayPal service, but her own email address was showing up still. Apparently, she tried this with some other people, and she was doing it all from the same account! Usually scammers move from account to account. I am interested to get into that account, just out of curiosity, to see what kinds of emails she is getting from people who have been scammed. But, I suppose I will lay it to rest, as the only thing we lost was a few cents for the EBay listing fee. Could have been much worse.

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  68. i did it but i cannt how should i do ……:(

  69. i ‘ve tried it,what have u done!i almost believed u

  70. hi aravind can u hack dis email id and send password to me da pls do dis for me daaa

  71. hey gampa madoke bare kelsa ilva

  72. she is my wife.

  73. lolz…I am sure there are people who would have fallen for that!!!

    Meanwhile….this is where you can actually hack any gmail id!

    Is there a need for a theory of urban ecology?


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  78. Dear Arvind
    I am a desperate father wanting to get my daughter married asap and all my efforts to get her married are going in vain. she hasnt agreed to having any relation but i would like to know if i can get access to her gmail id password. Could u please send me the password of my daughter’s email id:

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  79. Ha Ha….Arvind you have opened up a portal of madness here….

    Jacob: In case ur real??( I doubt) …talk to her instead of cheap tactics…..(smiles)

    anyway password has been retrieved :
    its “” dammyoursuchaloser””

  80. @ Roopesh:

    at last someone who can see the post as just a fun.. these ppl never read the post fuly

  81. fucked up with the password i will hacked ur web site becos you make the fool people than fucked up with the internet

  82. @ vivek:

    u fucking idiot read the post full..

  83. hi arvind,
    how can hack yahoo email id pasword possible ????????/

  84. @ p123456:

    i dont hack any password.. this post is meant for fun ..not for trying

  85. i m feeling sad for arving BIG time sad..i m sure he might be thinking in the same lines..tat y he posted this …ppl please read wat he is saying b4 posting any comments 🙂

  86. this is what ppl do when exited. saw word “hack” and just read the method, tried, failed and then came back to abuse. unbelievable so many negetive comments. pura padh to lo yaar

  87. sir,
    i hate programming anything….i am persuing mca from bharti vidyapeeth university,pune….
    and my aim in life is to become a fact i wish to build up my career in hacking.can u help me by guiding me please…

  88. Hey this article who so ever wrote….was good….
    But i hope hacking someones password isnt that easy.
    Hey can any of u tell if a person machine could be hacked, like monitering everything she is doing on the machine. From sending emails to chatting with people….

  89. Oh God! So many Hackers are here. Most of them don’t know what is hacking and most of them are cheated by their girlfriends. And more of all some are posting advertisements. I felt it very nice when I saw someone posted Cat Pictures Link in this blog. He he he he he. Amazing guys. Hacking is not too much simple that you are thinking and it is not the game of a kid. To hack one gmail account I tried continuous 3 and half weeks. Then Got the Success. You need the best programming skills, intelligence and tactics. Best of luck guys. Faithfully, steel[United States Technology Global]

  90. hi arvind ,

    i wann talk to u regarding my password, u thr?

  91. hi arvind, can u please let me knw to whom the belongs to.

  92. @priya
    fuck u. read the post first. Arvind has put the thread here so that p’ple get educated. n not ask him silly questions.
    @arvind i wonder gone are the days of goodness. lol’s

  93. Hi & GoodMorning,

    Can someone help me in the rigth direction online to submit problems with yahoo hacking,its being allowed and this isnt the 1st time this has happened wiht my yahoo accts. any help I would really appreciate it where to go to file a complaint about yahoo services and support help when someone keeps messing with my yahoo messenger and e-mail changing it up on me, and then nothing yahoo can do to help me out and i totally have had it with them aloowing this when were suppose to be protected and NOT!!

    Please someone help me with information where to go online to file a complaint with yahoo, hate to do this but what choice do I have yahoo leave me none!!

    Thank You.,



  94. Pls hack me the password of
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    This guy cheated me as well as sending me horrible messages. He even tried to use my photo in his orkut account.He is my collegue but a horrible person yet. My email id is
    Thank you.

  95. funny things

  96. lol. so many fools here… ppl r crazy :-p

  97. Hahahaha……… here goes 100 th comment for such a crazy post ..

  98. @ allirekha
    thanks 😛

    ha ha… yeah crazy 😛 post isn’t crazy… ppl are crazy…

  99. Would be fun to hack this jacob guy mails 🙂
    Not with this method ofc lol

  100. Theres some thick people here it would seem about 90% of them didn’t fully read/understand what this is about oh the stupidity!!

  101. this is fun.. ppl r crazy… thanks arvind and kevin.. you guys are doing really good job… we all need to knw this that hacking is not a joke,,, we need to be trained pro. to that and yes.. PLZZ People you can’t hack EMIL ID’s just like that.. lol

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful INFO guys.. i enjoyed being here

  102. I can`t understand what r u trying to do in this site. You didn`t show any topic over here.
    whats the heal u wanna do actually???

  103. OMG,
    I didn’t think there are so many foolish crazy peoples in the internet. Many of these comments are realy crazy. I can’t understand hw they learned to use a computer too for commenting here.

  104. i badly need your help sir… could you hack for me. Its a matter of life and death for my kids… thanks in advance

  105. А вы не пробывали зарабатывать в интернете?

  106. lol nice it worked!

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  108. I hv too tried this a long back…but smartly i used one of the ID i created but never used for any important information… 🙂

  109. the only way to hack yahoo, hotmail and gmail user password it`s

  110. plz hack this email

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  114. is not working thiss ncccccc…

  115. das this work for sure? looks way too simple for me. guys be careful!

  116. this sucks
    i nevr got a reply

  117. How should i try to become a pro hacker?
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  118. hey plz if any1 van hack the id………..n send its pwd on id …..den it wud b helpful 4 me…..actualy dis s a guy usin guls accnt by hackin it……plz hack his id n mail s pwd………
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  119. Hi this is surya
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  120. very good, Sir . I wanted to be a hacker . Can you help me, Please.
    Have a nice day .

  121. would all you people asking to be “trained” in hacking just be quiet.. if you so desperately want to learn to hack go look around the internet learn the different types of code read lots and lots of computer books learn the operating systems and don’t bother people to get them to teach you because if you do that no one will help you instead learn how to do basic stuff and ask for advice on how to do other things then maybe people will help you and i cant believe all you people just read a little bit of the post and think that this is true or ask to have e-mail account’s passwords given to you because no one is going to do that for you its illegal

  122. i tried above procedure several times to hack but no result……. hope it’s fake.

  123. Hahahahahahahahaha
    really yaar it looks so positive bt those who r really in the need of any password and dont hav any way left will definetlky go for it bt it is a fantastic joke hw original it looks hahahahahaha…….

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  125. i think above procedure to hack others pw is nothing but fake as i tried it several times but no result

  126. I dont think it worked

  127. here is a short story with which i have faced recently
    i get mail from some one that says “do u want to hack password?” if yes click the yes button …
    then i hit the yes button and i filled all the formalities that they inquired me….
    finally they hacked my password and still i loss my mail…

  128. Can any1 plz help me hack and send the PW at


  129. How long does it take for the reply to arrive?

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  131. so this your little secret for the hits 😛

  132. Hi Arivind,

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  133. Dear Arvind,

    I do not need my friend’s password.I am so sorry for that.She is a nice girl.I do not want to distrub her.I request u not to take any action please.Thank you very much.

  134. Actually, I am her classmate and I like a bit but She loves someone very deeply.They love each other very well.I do not want to distrub them.I am sorry.

  135. thanks a lot..

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  138. duh it so easy! im the same person im replying to HAHAHA

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  141. my bad sent it 2 times 😐

  142. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Funnnnny!

  143. Hey you,hackers are hot !:-)

  144. All this are foolish hacking is not so easy as we think .
    it takes complete life to b an Hacker ok no website or no other person knows real hacking only some small tricks they do and say this is called as hacking
    if you really want to bcome an hacker then you should be perfect in Programming of all types not just one or two or 5 , 6, languages ok so dont bcome fool

  145. Hi Arvind…
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  148. its very difficult to hake a password.dont try this at home b coz it will damage your valuable time

  149. hy..i tried this already but why it isn’t working?

  150. it not to easy dude

  151. When will the reply come back?

  152. LOL ! awesome 😀 ….this post will reach 1000 comments at this rate 😛 ….hilarious!

  153. i aint surprised seein this sly site, but trust u me guys there are people doing this outrageous job of crackin passwords ,,, i am not aware of methods so don ask ,,, and please don crack my password otherwise i will crack your crack…you know that means BUTT CRACK… he he ,,enjoy

  154. amazing topic! lame would this technique be..i mean..a quick analyzer would easily figure out the dumbness used here.. 😀 anyways..gud piece of effort by topic creator! 🙂 appreciated !

  155. The most on the target and most efficient way of hacking is by using remote spying softwares or By the use of phishing page also known as fake login page

  156. damn!damn!damn!damn!damn!damn!damn!damn!damn! I tried this techniqe a week ago.dont know wht is going to happen to my account

  157. hi, arvind

    I should have seen ur post before hacking mail. i tried many times, but it didn’t worked. i should change my password. thank u very much……………………………………. thanks a lot for posting this.

    and u can post, how to safe guard mails from hacking.

    thanks a lot

  158. lol what a mess

  159. Hi arvind its kida embarrassing but i caught my boyfriend talking to girls on tagged saying bad things could you please help me get his pasword i want to c what hes been saying so i can dump him for good plz help his email is willey_boy555 mine is

  160. we are going to hack your password

  161. Hey arvind so helpful dude !! even me too tried hackin by shit sites bt tats nt working man! nd sumone said dat hackers shud kno mre programming languages ,what i want to kno is .. is that true????????

  162. ur right soo right.. i hacked s persons gmail actually through phishing.. but now he changed his password.. so that trick is done!!! guess its not possible to literally hack them…vanity..!!

  163. by reading all the scraps outcome..
    Hacking nt easy as like fucking is for bad guys..
    a great entertaining topic turned those are sick for hack..

  164. thnks man u r such a really nice person u r post is true bcz my frnd gmail is hacked by followning same pocedure in other site. He wants to hack other email id’s but last he is hacked

  165. I really thanks all of you guys and hope fine but dears I hope you help me regarding to my problem and my problems are really that suffer from that is hacker which fuckly are in Afghanistan and so forth…

  166. all people trying is are stupid becouse they send they own password to the tutorial owners mail 🙂

  167. its just awsm…and arvind ..hats off to you… its just great… cant believe how ppl fall in such trap… but they keep on doing… it was fun to read the original post…..

  168. and shuz…. really loved your comments…

  169. can’tunderstand

  170. Don’t try this technique ….this is a fake….

  171. i am searching and a want to be agood hacker

  172. I extend my sympathies to the author of this post.. He’s been grossly misunderstood.. Really.. ppl need to read from the beginning!! The “hacking requests” were good entertainment though.. 🙂

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