Are u in a habit of reading more than 10 blogs a day? Do you post one topic a day or one in two days ?Do you comment even on those topics too which don’t need to be commented ?Do you keep scraching ur head pondering whether to post a topic or not ? And Do u keep checking your blog stats even if it doesn’t seem to be moving at a fast pace? . If your answer is YES then i am afraid these symptoms suggests that you are suffering from Blogging syndrome.

Well, acually this post is a result of one of the symptoms of the above mentioned syndrome. Vague and a Gibberish post.Even now while writing the post i am not sure if i am heading in the right direction and the aim behind this post is still unclear.

o-window.gif Well, how true!!!i dont know how many of u have been in the situation before but i have been into this umpteen number of times , pondering what to wtite ,searching for topics that may interest the readers.After all readers are the backbone of a blog who keeps a blog alive . And i find i totally absurd to find some people who deny the fact that they are least bothered about the number of visitors they get.Anyway i dont want to go further into that.i will continue with my crap. Any of u guys who are unable to tolerate this peevish post with due respect can leave..well, there’s no harm in reading if u have reached this further so continue reading . so i was saying that its quite difficult to find a topic that will

shakespeare_blogging.gif generate some interest in the readers mind. Another funny pic in the left, but isn’t that too true in some cases. Even if u are sure to post a topic u edit it again and again to make it presentable..I do it and hope most of u too do. Ever wondered ,why?? dont know ?? Even i dont know.. it may be another of those symptoms 😛 .


Well ,how many of u do a exagerration like that in ur blogs ?? :P. I haven’t done that till now but seems to be a good ploy. but i am totally against post like ” Good morning” ” I had a tea in …” “I had an insomnia last night” , ofcourse i have written something like that but i have found that these post attract a very modest crowd. and thats not wrong either ,why should the reader be intrested in ur dog or if u had a bad night. they are here to read topics of their interest and posting something that may be usefull or that may catch their attention ,is not at all wrong.


Back to the point where i was discussing that choosing a right topic is a big headache for a blogger , i would like to mention one more guesome symptom.It is the most dangerous of all It is the insatiable greed to reach the top of the blogging arena or perhaps you can even say to make ur blog stats go berserk in the upward direction although theres nothing that could make miracles like that 🙂 . let me share my experience.. during the release of deathly hallows book when the whole world was dancing to the rowling ‘s tunes i had posted a topic on harry potter spoilers .. guess what ?? My blog was rated the fastest growing blog for that day. Is it enough?? i would say , NO !! I yearn to have more , this feeling just can’t be appeased. Well wondering what the pic below states.




thats is another of those symptoms i talked about in the starting . My mind is always obsessed either about what to post or i think what post might my friend come up with..or what comment should i give. Another pic below shows the last sage of this dangerous and incurable desease. A picture is worth thousand words so i dont think there’s much i could comment on that.may be u could comment on the comment box 😛 .



Sorry if u were not able to bear a peevish post as this one . Can’t help it. there’s no daignoses for this type of problem The only solution to sustain is to keep posting something as gibberish and exasperating like this post and to enjoy the grin or the grunt that comes on the readers face…
Here , with this final funny pic let me put an end to my one of the most annoying post if u have read it full,..enjoy and dont forget to leave ur comments.



31 responses to “BLOGGING SYNDROME

  1. i did 79 posts in the last 79 days… is there an ICU ward?

  2. Ah, I’ve had this disease for a long long time now.

    My day starts like this. I open Firefox, click on the bookmark that opens my blog. Open a new tab, click on the bookmark that opens Gmail. Once I’m logged into Gmail, I click the link that opens up the Google Reader which contains the RSS Feeds to all the blogs I read everyday. Then I start checking the stats. First it’s my e-mails because that tells me how many comments I’ve got. And then it’s my blog stats which tells me how many hits I’ve got. Then I reply to my comments and check out if any new blogger has posted any comments. Then I go to Google Reader to check out which blogs have new posts and post comments on almost all blogs even if they’re unnecessary. I feel it’s my duty because I’ve learnt that nothing encourages a blogger more than comments. That’s the entire purpose of blogging isn’t it?

    Yes, we bloggers who are obsessed don’t think anything but blogging. Supposing you have an accident. If you don’t blog, you’ll be thinking what you’re gonna do with all that is broken in your body. If you’re a blogger, you’ll think – “Ah that was so silly of me to drive like that! I must blog this when I get home!”. I know we’re weird. We’re all funny guys as Aishwarya calls men in Dhoom 2.

  3. i am suffering from it 😦

  4. @ ish
    thats a good comment…
    dont worry
    We both will suffer together

  5. @ srijeet
    well i find soon and let u know i am searching that for quite some time now

  6. hmmm… very interesting… and i see ur blog has had a makeover:) nice!
    i really dont believe in puttin up too many post on one single day… if its a blog that carries everything u need to say, thats cool… v also need to give our readers some break:)
    i am new here, and i hope to stay put for a long time… at times i read a blog and go like…wow wt a topic… blog stats n hits are secondary… if u give ppl wt they want… they visit back…

    good blog…
    see ya:)

  7. thanks a lot shuz… u are absolutely correct ..but there are really very few people like u and me who like to read these personal blogs ..
    so i usually blend my thoughts with some post that are widely accepted like hary potter ,games…

  8. Nice UI change and a gr8 post… very true.. I’ve seen many people experiencing it and i’m happy that i’m not one among them 🙂

  9. i think u r right .. i am horribly addicted to blogs

  10. Lovely Post! 🙂 I love all the comic strips that you have inserted in between. There are lots of people who aim at increasing their blog stats. In fact, I use to aim for that too. During the Rowling period, my blog figured in the Top 10 at least for a week. I got about 20,000 hits per day. However, now, all that I care for is quality discussions. There might be 5,000 people coming to my blog and no one might be commenting 😦 So, it’s better to have 300-400 people coming and discussing issues with me.

  11. @wascaliwabit
    thanks for the complements..
    i would rather say u are fortunate to be away from this kind of syndrome

  12. @ruhi
    thanks ruhi , i totally agree with u 😛

  13. @Ankur
    we both are suffering from the same desease 😛
    that calls for a party
    cheers !!!

  14. and i was thinking a rehab 😦

  15. Blogmaniac I too am.

    I tried to remain away from blogs for some time. How how could I? The disease is in its chronic state. 🙂

  16. we will have a ball at rehabilitation center..
    is that ok ?? 😛

  17. @keshuko
    nice to meet u blogmaniac..
    welcome to my blog

  18. Excellent post, I have to think about it. I will post regarding this topic and will tag you. TK

  19. @ pijush
    thanks a lot for visiting..

  20. interesting post.. concerning too… any idea of solutions? a post on that too would be good.. you areright in posts like “i had tea in.. ” it attracts less comments and interaction..i can say that by experience 🙂
    a nice point made by ruhi..

  21. well ,yes a bit conCerning … but i guess the cure for this is yet to be discovered only solution to keep up with it is to keep posting something like this…and to keep commenting on blogs like this pone 😛

  22. hey urs is the first blog i went through….n ur posts abt ur childhood was really cool….u could have done some more abt ur coll life too man….i’m not sort of addicted to blogs but yeah at times it does attract me very much….wen the topics n posts r too good….n ur blog is too good tat way….
    u r in final yr na..hoping for ur posts on coll life soon… keep going man u rock!!! 🙂

  23. where is ur new post da?

  24. @ shuz
    whcih post ???
    i dint get u

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  27. Hello, Alison. Long britney spears going commando no see. Then she reciprocate scantily that authentic fat book, that she was anally abandoning in her filming hand, and bent broadly on her knees.


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  30. Hey, this was an apt post with very relevant cartoons 🙂

  31. @ Poonam Sharma:

    after a long time..u stumbled to my blog 🙂

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