Well, After the Wait for shivaji is Over next movie that has been on talks is Dasavatharam. After rajnikanth the next big name that comes to every movie buff here in south india is KAMAL hasan ( OK guys ,dont be angry !! he is equal to rajni),who is well known for his different roles he plays in each movie , and this film will certainly add another to star to his film carreer . He is playing an awe inspiring 10 different roles in the movie.. Yes ,you heard me right 10 different roles .

Dasavatharam set to be released on November 7, 2007 is primarily a Tamil language film, directed by noted director, K. S. Ravikumar. It stars Kamal Haasan, who plays ten different roles as i already said, Asin, who plays two different roles, Mallika Sherawat and Jayaprada in the lead roles with Napolean, Nagesh, Santhana Bharathi and Ravikumar himself in other pivotal roles. The movie upon release will be subsequently dubbed into six Indian languages, which are Hindi, Telugu language, Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Bengali with the same title. The film’s score and soundtrack has been written by acclaimed composer Himesh Reshammiya with lyrics from two lyricists. The film, prior to release, has given rise to great expectations due to the number of high-profile artists involved within its creation. At the present status of progress, the film is still being shot in various locations and a trailer is being readied. The movie is set for a Diwali release on November 7, 2007.




  • The 10 roles are likely to be a brahmin priest, a dwarf, a scientist, a fighter, a black man, a tourist guide, an old woman, a beggar, a young lady and an emperor
  • Currently confirmed roles of Kamal Hassan in the film are a 130 year old man, an old spiritual woman, a beautiful young lady and a rural tourist guide named Udhar Mani.he also plays the role of acting like a 7feet tall man which was filmed using modern technology
  • Dasavatharam is a term used in Hindu mythology to depict the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Kamal plays 10 characters in this film.
  • The first three minutes of the film has been said to cost the producer 3 crores.
  • In order to handle a film as complex in nature, Kamal Haasan has once again roped in Mumbai based acclaimed Editor – Ashmit Kunder.
  • As it is an expensive production, it is expected to be dubbed into Telugu, Hindi and French.
  • The movie has a set designed like the White House.
  • The movie is likely to be released on November 9 2007
  • in this movie a tsunami set have been erected in Mutukadu.a 100 ft wall have been used for it at 50,000 sq ft to make it look real in film.

Some of the stills of his different roles

Doesn’t that look mind boggling.. infact ,2 roles are said to be so different its almost impossible to recognise that it is kamal hasan ,playing the character.

Anyway its just two more months beforethe movie hits the screens.. Waiting for his movie as eagerly as i waited for shivaji..

check out the trailer who have not seen till now


courtsey : wikipidea ,dasavatharam official site


Hope you Enjoyed the trailer ..


see ya !!!

11 responses to “ALL ABOUT DASAVATHARAM !!!

  1. i love kamal, more than i do rajini. I think kamal’s emphasis is on quality cinema and performance, where as rajini’s emphasis is more on styles. No offense to all u hardcore rajini fans, my Mom is one too 🙂

  2. Good news for Hindi film viewers that they are making a Hindi version also. Sanjeev Kumar tried doing 9 roles in ‘Naya Din Nayi Raat’. He did them very well. I am a Kamal Hasan fan too.

  3. oh..really ..i was quite oblivious about the film naya din dayi raat..
    well got to see it

  4. hey tat’s a great piece of info for all kamal fans…..including me…..
    hey arvind thanks…

  5. Kamaal ka Kamal can do justice to all the ten roles. He is the most versatile actor India so far produced and India’s answser to the Tom Hanks and Al Pacinos of the Hollywood. In fact this time he will bring oscar to India through his expected explosive performance in the yet to be released dashawadharam

  6. Dr.Kamalhassan will get mega victory from this movie..
    i am waiting for this..

  7. @ rajashree : ur welcome..
    @ kalidas , paramasivan : yes u are indeed i said he will reach new hieghts through this movie

  8. No doubt kamal is a one of the great actor in india , and he is gng to prove this in whole world this time,,,,, lets hope this time india ko oscar milega, …… gudluck kamal

  9. hai, world hero( sathya ) kamal we are all waiting for defenatly win for ASKAR award film DHASAVATARAM


  11. Its no doubt a technically perfect film… but its got some disturbing scenes…

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