Finally, inidans managed to keep the series alive as they take on England on the final one day international of the series on saturday ,perhaps the decider one .

Yesterday after returning from my college when i heard the news about england having scored  a mammoth total of 316 runs i had lost my interest in seeing the indian batting. And the news that 30 odd runs went at the last over even more shocking and depressing as an inidian fan’s point of view.Inspite of all this like every cricket fan i also watched the indian batting. I was somewhat releaved to see indains starting the innings very well .thanks to the splendid form sachin is in ,and ofcourse ganguly played well to keep up with him. 150 -0in 25 overs is always a good score and under the situations it was the main factor that led india to even think of the victory.sachin performance was the highlight of the match and he is proving with every match that he is still the same sachin though he has become a bit old.. Cramps are really giving creeps to sachin … Unwillingly he had asked for a runner  and when he saw ganguly coming for him as the runner(he was only one who could have come) he was a bit wary 🙂 , as saurav is known for his quick running between the wickets 😛 .. Probably this might have instigated him to play a wrong shot at the wrong time.. Still a long way to go ,though still achievable inidans began the persuit of the target and kept loosiing wickets in the form of dravid yuvaraj . Gambhir was looking good,when he too lost his control and played a shot in the air only to find panesars hands.DHONI  too was looking languid , i guess something happens to him when he plays overseas , his batting looked a bit sluggish aprt from one or two fours he had hit straight. 90 runs were needed in around 65 balls which seemed though ,not impossible , but certainly difficult . Nobody had quite expected 21 year old uthappa to turn the table around for inida. He too wasn’t quite comfortable in the starting  But the odd boundaries that came for india in behind the wicket region were very much usefull and also increased his confidence. As the time went by the difference between the balls and the runs needed was reduced , thanks to all the mistimed shots. Dhoni got out again when india was just looking to pick up the momentum. couple of wickets more in the form of zaheer and agarkar added to the injury. On the other side uthappa was trying some Odd improvised shots almost every now and then and i guess luck favoured him as he managed to escape from every wrong shots he played. 10 runs were needed in the last over   and after following inidian cricket for almost more than 15 years i had though there was hardly any chance of winning india had lost a couple of matches in the recent past in this situation.But still in the remotest corner of my heart i had a feeling that india might change the ODDs . Well , i was happy that my intution dint prove wrong at least this time :P.

Apart from sachin ‘s knock and gambhir’s batting there wasn’t much to talk to about the indian batting .ofcourse uthappa showed a great courage to win the match for india.. But most of his shots were not he intended to be . Anyway in one day matches what matters is how many  runs are scored rather than how have they been scored.

 To be frank i really pity england for losing a match that was almost won by them.But thats why cricket is such an exciting game .Sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want it to go .


11 responses to “INDIA MANAGED TO TIE THE SERIES,, finally !!!

  1. Yeah!! It was totally cool… Though I dint get an opportunity to see the entire game, I saw the last 5 overs and that was more than enough..I remember jumping around for a while after the win!! They rocked, Lets hope for a series win 🙂

  2. I was expecting India to lose after Dhoni, Agarkar and Zaheer got out in quick succession. But I was really shocked to see how Uthappa managed to win it for India. It’s now 14 times that Sachin has gotten out in the 90’s but that partnership between him and Ganguly is what carried India through.

    Sad for England though, Collingwood thought he had done everything right and still India somehow managed to scrape out a win. But somebody’s loss is another person’s gain!

    Will hope India wins the ODI series too, that’d be some white wash for England.

  3. I’m surprised at the way Sachin is scoring these days. Didn’t think he had it in him still.

  4. Yes, was a great win!!!
    Hope for another great match on Saturday.

  5. yeah man…..our guys finally made it….it was a nail biting win….
    i was sitting in front of the tv for the last few overs….n i was shouting at the top of my voice after our win…..hope we win the other series too….

  6. @ wascally :well , u missed the best of the match sachin;s batting
    @ ISH hey !! u know what i am still not sure about indias performance in india..
    india is at its unpredictable best
    @Sk : well, i have always supported sachin and will always support him..
    @ rajashre ::
    yes it was a nail biting match..
    i had never though until the last four that india could ever win this match

  7. my bro was telling me abt this match… i kinda have to regain my lost interest:)

  8. @ shuz : u missed a great match :p

  9. hey too bad they lost like total losers in the last match man!

  10. GT F***** by the 2 decesions….neways losinn in finals is a habit

  11. I guess this holds true for most of the series India plays:
    Win test series – looses one-day and vice-versa ….

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