DAMN this B.E. course !!

I dont know who started who invented the idea of a four years Engineering course… who ever was it ..its better for him not be around otherwise i would have kicked him deep into his Ass for the idea. You may very well leave if u dont have interest in my tantrums and wild rants 🙂 .

Somebody has said time flies like seconds but for me its other way around  time doesn’t seem to end. ITs like i m stuck in this god damned engineering ‘s final year for eternity.

First year ,i was quite happy to get into the engineering course but in the same time quite apprehensive too as i had heard some really depressing stories about ragging especially in engineering colleges. And the very thought that i was going to study in a state ,though my native but not at familiar , gave me creeps.Luckily i hadn’t stayed in hostel.first year went smoothly but things were about to change from the second year.

I had opted ECE as my branch one of the most important reasons why you all witnessing this rant of mine. Yes , ECE wasn’t my choice i had always wanted to take CSE as i had alwyas fancied my chances in Computer related field. But half willingly due to one of my relative’s advice i had taken ECE. (ofcourse its not his mistake).

Second year was quite a good year as far as enjoyment and fun is considered . Lab sessions were the most lively of all .Electron devices lab was 3 hours of non stop playing time for us experimenting with those already fumed chips and ic’s , wasting almost 2 hours just for bringing an output in CRO ‘s screen (that too wrong one) was fun 😛 .Most of the times the Ic’s were damaged one .It was really amusing to see the lab in such a condition , anyway i dont blame our college ,almost all the colleges are in the same condition . The circuit theory paper still gives me butterflies in my stomach 😛 . After writing tthe exams pathetically i  somehow manged to get good grades in the second year too 🙂 ..i wonder what the examiner  saw in papers.. god bless those good souls .

Third year i had to study more of  the core subjects which usually are pretty important as far as curriculam is conserned . this was the time when i thought i had done a big mistake in taking ECE as my branch. Every now and then this feeling crept inside me  . Academically i have been always good so there was no trouble for me to get marks .you study during the last 20 days and you will get 9 pointers.Not to forget the standard of papers they set in my college .

I even went for a couple of trainings but it was a mear formality and more of a excursion trip rather than a training.went to chennai ports for training for learning some practical electronics application and ended up learning how to drive a motor boat. 😛 .  By the end of third year i had started feeling a bit uneasy regarding my future as i knew i had no future in electronics side i started to ponder over some options like joining in NIIT  but then dint ,dont know y ? . ON feb 27this year something unexpected happened . Hexaware came for recruitment in the college and ironically i had been one of the 13 members in the college selected.

Since then it has been totally differnent game all togethor . with a option of Job in hand the college now seems to be absurd.. 🙂 it was before too but the condition is worse now. Now in fourth year i am regularly bunking the college to a such extent that i have not attended even a single saturday till date and that doesn’t mean i am present the other days. Every day is getting longer and longer ..Got a book for GRE when my parents asked me to write GRE .YES ,i am reading a lot not the GRE books but novels. i know i should prepare but cant help it. This engineering course never seems to be ending ,boring subjects ,boring good for nothing labs (for me).

Final hurdle is yet to come ,PROJECT ,god only knows what i am going to do about it. there are a lot of options though  . it would be too cheap if i reveal those options here 😛 . Still counting the days ,i am really fed up of this engineering life ..



5 responses to “DAMN this B.E. course !!

  1. But you see college life is the best. period. start working and you will realize why everyone says so.

  2. Trust me, life gets worse after you graduate from college. Whoever told you that the four years are the ones you need to work hard was lying. 🙂

    Enjoy the days in the college, when you still can. For us, it’s just conversations over the phone, nostalgic moments of the past, shared cups of tea and all that. 🙂

  3. @ niranj shreejith
    yeah i agree that college life is better foe most of the people
    but i guess i have enjoyed a lot more in my school days..
    enjoyment is there but i am not enjoying as enjoyed in my school..
    infact , my school days were like college days and college days are like school days 😛

  4. >wasting almost 2 hours just for bringing an output in CRO ’s screen (that too wrong one) was fun
    You bet it was fun! When have the outputs got ever been the correct one? 😉 I enjoyed those lab sessions too. 🙂

    >you study during the last 20 days
    You study for so many days? :O I did just a couple of days before the exam 😛

    >joining in NIIT but then dint
    Be happy that you didn’t. coz anyway u will be studying something & working on some other thing!

    >even a single saturday
    You work on Saturdays too? :O

    >there are a lot of options
    Would love to know the options 😛

    And yeah, congrats on getting placed 🙂

  5. @ aparna…
    yeah i got correct output sometimes..
    but only during model and externel lab..cuz all the equipments would be in working condition..
    common , nobody studies last 20 days.. just trying to exaggerate .. but then if i say i study only the night before exam ..nobody would beleive.. so kept it that way..
    yeah even now i am doing something and will be doing somthing else in the future..
    yeah we do work on saturdays 😦 ..but mondays are OFF 😛 so that gives me 3 days off in a row
    hey dont bring me into an embarassing situation .plz dont ask that question..
    and thanks for that wish at last..

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