Today i was when i was checking my blog stats ,just for the heck of it , i found some interesting things in the search items through which people have found my site.It was quite surprising and amusing to see some really weired words there . so i looked into the search items of the last i week and i found some wiered and funny words in each day list..

here are some of them..


mr.beam holiday – probably i had done a spelling mistake while reviewing the movie

do you love me messages sms cardsno comments
hary poter
This was done deliberately by me 😀

do u wantNO idea y someone was looking for something like that
Free orkut scrapping tricks
I guess scrapping is free in orkut.. Isn’t it ???

what ur name is – 😛

the number 2 – 😀
see what u look like when u are – 😛
vulgar jokes that can be sent through sms
i haven’t posted any vulgar sms 😛

funny wrongthis one and the next one are the most interesting

funny trauma picturesSOME sadist i guess

No wonder i get 500 hits a day nowadays 😛

there are a lot like these ..just dont want to bug you 🙂

4 responses to “REALLY AMUSING !!

  1. Get more its intersting as well as funny 😛
    ‘what ur name is ‘ how did that come?
    I also used to get these kinds of things in the list also.. :p

  2. Its really funny indeed & it happens with almost all blogs in search engines!

  3. LOL. Yea this used to happen to me too. But I never got the funny things in my blog stats. My friends used to get visitors who were searching for “Topless Ish” and “Ish Tea”. It was hilarious!

    Ah, those 500 hits days. Mine barely cross 500 these days. But that’s mostly because I don’t do ‘popular’ blogging anymore.


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