Above two phones are two N95 sets , with a slight difference that one is NOKIA N95 and Other is NOKLA N95.

Confused ??? Well Nokla is some south korean or chinese counterpart of nokia which manufatures its own N series models and its so remarkably disguised as nokia N95 that even the most attentive of the customers would fall for it and assume it as an authentic N95 phone by nokia.

Well ,even i was flabbergasted by its resemblance to the orignal NOKIA n95. Actually its not only N95 whose clone is being sold freely in the market there are even other models of N series that are available in the market manufactured by the Nokla.

One month back i had written a post in which i had mentioned how badly i wanted the N95 set. After getting to know about the N95 (nokla ) i guess i can have a N 95 set at last 😛 . Yes , the orignal N95 would cost me around 25000 bucks however if i choose N95 (nokla ) i have to shell out just about 7000 rupees.Even If it is a duplicate one IT would be enough for me to flaunt it in my college 🙂 . Though the warranty is not given it has some features that even orignal N95 doesn’t have..Seems queer ,right ??? yes, the duplicate one has a facility to watch Tv in it and It even has dual sim card feature through which you can use two sim cards by swapping each other at any time.

Howeever you have to compromise with some features like Nokla N95 has only 3.3 megapixel camera and there are no authentic service providers for the set if something happens ot the set.


How do u diffrentiate between the orignal and the duplicate One ??

THE above pics can show you the diffrence between the original and Fake N95’s.

Check out this for detailed article on how to spot the fake one.



50 responses to “NOKIA VS NOKLA ???

  1. China and Thailand are seriously amazing when it comes to making copies. There’s a company called Fly that’s come to India and they have even opened service centers in here. They offer touch screen phones with 2 megapixel cameras for like Rs 7000 and that’s amazingly cheap. The sound quality is reasonable too but then again, somehow I don’t really trust these things and bought a second hand Sony Ericsson instead.

    But this Nokla thing seems amazing. Not many would be able to tell them apart in the first look. Or even after months maybe. Is the interface and all same too?

    But then again, I dunno why you wanna buy it because it can go crazy anytime and then who knows how much you’ll have to spend to get it back to normal?

  2. Wow..damn cool..I had a friend whose dad was working in China. She used these imitation models in college and they really looked cool and worked so well! 🙂

  3. gosh,.. cool.. no one can beat chiniese, taiwanese, koreans in technology.. masters of hardware technology.. well this post was an eye opener ,.

  4. its really difficult to tell without checking which one is real i guess

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  6. hey i never knew there can be a copied version tat too i never did imagine tat there wud be a copy for NOKIA….cool if i hadnt read this post i wud not have known this at all yar!!!

  7. @ nishu
    yeah .its too real..if i get one i would surely try.. :d
    @ rajashree
    yeah many people are oblivious about this as u were….

  8. HI i m mahen,
    Today father call me and said there is one guy who is selling second hand n95 for 8500bucks. i was surpised and excited after hearing this. i told him get the piece home and i ll check all the feature as my father dont know much about mobile. When i first saw the piece i was very happy about its look and price at which was about to get and already decided to buy it.
    The first function i knew was it has support for two SIM card when i insert my sim.
    After switching on, the first feature i test was camera and video recording. Frankly saying i got disappointed with its quality also the zoom feature was missing in option but even then i didnt change my mind(of not buying it) i thought might be its night thats why the quality is not good.
    i tested the call, was happy with voice quality of the
    opponent but was supprise there is no loudspeaker function. Hey even now i had not change my mind.arre what a look and at such a cheap price i would be fool to miss that …man…
    My father told that there is stick, one more supprise for me its touchscreen i never knew N95 is a touchscreen mobile and tested this function not working even after doing pen calibration setting still not working.Now
    Friends i got a doubt at this piece after looking that camera flash is not working, touchscreen problem, picture quality. I thought of doing some research.

    I went to nokia site, i came to know original N95 as up/down slide feature whereas mobile in my was only up slide. i notice the buttons different. Main feature GPS built in navigator was missing. Look for Battery specification, i found my mobile as NOKLA written on it with different specification. I also look in you tube site.
    Then i search for “duplicate of N95 in market ” in google. the second option was “NOKIA VS NOKLA ??? « ARVIND’s BLOG” thats how i reach to this site.
    After reading the post by arvind now i decided to hand over the mobile on morning ya coz its 1:05 am in night me writting this reply.
    Thanks to arvind for completing my search. I m no longer looking to this mobile (NOKLA ).
    And friends please do some research if you find any wierd things like this. It would help you as it helped me……..

  9. hey forgot to tell you, original N95 don’t have touchscreen feature…

  10. @ mahen…
    ur welcome mahen.i am happy that my blog turned usefull to u

  11. I need the software for nokla n95

  12. ineed the software for nokla n 95

  13. can i get the drivers for this NOKLA N95

  14. hey dudes is thir any chances to get the drivers NOKLA N95..

    please help me yaaaars….

  15. Thanks for the info..saved my money

  16. how can we watch tv in it……?? i have a nokla n95 but don’t know about tv

  17. It’s amazing how another company can sell an almost similar mobile for one fifth the price. Tell’s you how much Nokia charges extra just for their brand name. A real eye opener. Excellent blog.

  18. @ ajay
    you are right nokia does hike the price for its brand name but it gives u waranty and the parts in NOKLA would be definately cheap u cant count on it..
    but u can surely count on nokia models..

  19. I got this phone just a couple of day. i like it!!! it works for me as a flashlight!! Joke!!! seriously, the phone is not bad at all. and it is only 10,000 pesos here in the Philippines. i got a motorola and it worked for only 3 months and its original!!! i am fully aware that it is an immitation. Who cares? and take note!!! it has a really loud speaker. Well, Goodbye Nokia and welcome Nokla!!! hahaha!!!!

  20. hi,

    I have nokla N95.But I have problem with that,my mobile restarted (or) refreshing touch screen very often.Its screen not stable within 3 Sec.when Iinsert sim into it the phone is not working.any one can give tips to me

  21. i wanna buy that nokla n95

  22. For drivers and PCsuite for Nokla N95 – get them from my webpage

    Hope this helps



  24. hey you got good content over here.. i would like to add your site to mine.. give me a reply and description and details of what to write.. would wait for your mail.

  25. i have using the nokla n95 and its great!!!. Its look like the true nokia n95 but the nokla doesnt have secondary camera and flash. Can you teach me how to use TV if have?????

  26. Hi,
    This is to infome you that this is mohammed matheen from India. as last week i have purchage your N95 (that is MT6227) handset from the market as im not abuler to downlod game and themas on my mobil

    Request you to send the URL for the same or please gide me which softwares is supported for my mobil

    Mohammed Matheen

  27. plz note that there si doul camer on your mobil plz click to on camara
    then self

  28. This NOKLA will remind NOKIA ot to put high PRICE TAG for their HIGH END model.

    Do we really need to waste money for the expensive NEW MODEL set. But in few month the price will drop almost 50%.

    What a waste. So buy NOKLLLLA instead.


  29. first i purchased nokla n91 for 10000 bucks and surprised to hear its sound damn good man ..later i purchased nokla n 95 and god it looks really good and i surprised hearing to its price i heared its market price is 250000 but vendor is offering me for 6500 rs then i found it is a froud one and i kicked the ass of my friend who is the shop owner…my no. is f.u.c.k.o.f.f.

  30. I just bought nokLa n95. I use cellphone only for SMS and calling friends and recieving call. With the cheap prize i think this phone is good enough compared to motorolla L7.

  31. hi i have nokla n 95 i dont start my phone 1st camera & watch tv please sey me want to watch tv & use doul camera

  32. The phone seems good – but its waste of money due to the fact that its only chinese technology -cant download songs from net and also now a bunch of crap falling here in africa of chinese phones stuff

    In actual sense the phone is good -but spare parts and softwares also should be readily available especially for us who are 1000s kms away from china

  33. i hav a nokla n95.. n i liv in india.. i hav trouble using my web browser… how do i use it??? can some1 please help me out wit tht…. i really wanna use my web browser..

  34. Nokia is one of a cind, those cheap chinese phones keeps broking all the time, i hope you wouldn’t buy one…

  35. Hey Gui’s,
    I am not in condition to decide, which one would be better for use, NOKLA/NOKIYA?
    I want to use all features on cheap price.
    So, let me reply soon.

  36. hello all users in site,help me to download softwares for nokla n95 china.please insert link of site name.tank you very mach.
    my is student university,network engineer.

  37. hi iwant software and themes of nokla plz rply which site i get him

  38. Dear friends my phones display are dameged whare i repair my phone please talk me

  39. i liv in india [pune]. where will i get this nokla phone in pune?

  40. i liv in india [pune]. where will i get this nokla phone in pune?

    Plz provide me information abt any shop whr i can get this mobile.

  41. Nokia is the leader in mobile phones even in India, the quality of the mobile phones are
    amazing and this is the most popular mobile brand . Most people here only believe in nokia, but when it comes to the sound quality, sony ericson is a better option.

  42. plz let me know which softwares and games support nokla n95

  43. hi frnds! i ve bought a nokla n 95, i wanna ask if anybudy knows that wat kind of softwares,themes or games will work on it,pllzzzz if any1 knows than plzzz tell me via email

  44. j’ai un nokla n95 black probleme je l’alume 2 munite il s’etteint

  45. have a nokla N95….but I dont like it..suxx

  46. I have the nokla n96 i didnt reliese it was that untill a friend gave it to me. But my phone charger broke and was wondering if there was any possible way to get another for it as i can not find one in stores that will fit the outlet.

  47. I am Nokla N 95 gsm frq 900/1800 finland makes. I am not able to download and upload any file in my phone. It lacks installer please kindly give me any installer software or pc suite

  48. have the nokla n96 i didnt reliese it was that untill a friend gave it to me. But my phone charger broke and was wondering if there was any possible way to get another for it as i can not find one in stores that will fit the outlet.

  49. i’m sure nokia would be my choice.. 😉

  50. hahahahahaha!!! the copy of n95 is very beautiful… but I have the original and it am very more beautiful…

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