Republish your first post!

Well ,its been almost a week since i had posted something here .I was just scratching my head thinking what should i post when i saw this post .To be frank I hate being tagged but i must thank ISH for tagging me this time as i badly wanted something to post 🙂 .

Let me rewind my blog for you , it was june 15 this year when i had created my wordpress Id .Well it was the same day i had heard about this site.

Actually my first post had been a page (i dint know how to post at that time 😛 ) .

Nevertheless, READ my first  post


Zenith of Boredom

  Well, to be frank this should be my first post as this is the reason why i turned up to this blogging thing P ..actually writing is not my cup of tea at all so i thought there would be qualms later on, even if it turns out to be a wrong choice.

It all started the day my sixth sem was over, when overwhelming with joy i reached my house to spend my holidays. But these holidays turned from joyful to sour in no time ( . So after pondering the options available i tried reading novels. Believe it or not within 10 days i had read almost 5 novels…overdoing anything is harmfull..that quote turned out to be a quite apt one for me..sick of reading i started considering some other options. Orkut was the first thing that flashed in my mind,though i am a Fan of orkut i soon found myself into some silly chatting which i felt was a wastage of time.Again i was crept with a feeling of boredom. ( ..Then i tried Playing Age Of empires which is my favourite game but its craze also slowly was then i found my self struggling with the “zenith of boredom” and was left with no choices..Finally i tried out this blogging thing and found it really interesting to share some of my experiences with u ppl and it kills lot of my time ) .Though i dont know how much time this will continue 8) ..”

It feels good that i am still continuing blogging and efficiently wasting a lot of time on it 😛

ANYWAY i would like to tag SHUZ , REKHA AND APARNA

IF they are interested…


8 responses to “Republish your first post!

  1. Y everyone is republishing their post this weeek…quite confusing 🙂
    continuing blogging is nt at all wasting time..uhh i dont think sooo 😛
    and continue ur good work with power and hope u wont try my cup of tea.. 😛
    And please dont tag this poor blogger,who dont even know what it is actually

  2. yup i would try to continue as long as possible…
    and you are wirte i wont try the thing that u fancy…
    what dont u know??
    how to tag others or whats tagging?? 😛

  3. Actually the both..i have heard only abt a frnd circle ‘tagged’ 😛

  4. I will do this tag when I don’t have anything to post 😛

  5. actually tagging is just catching a scape goat adn make him or her do something which the person who is tagging has done..
    for example i have tagged u..
    u will post ur first post and in turn tag some others

  6. @ aparna
    As you wish …
    anyway u would get minimum 25 comments on that too 🙂

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