WELL ,IT has been quite a long time since i visited some cool and a different site and it has been even longer since i posted something on the TAG websites . so here’s one real Awe inspiring site for you which i got from Nithya’s blog .

Using this site you can create faces Online .I am an absolute web freak and i must say this must be one of the best sites i have found till now.

The site includes various parts of the faces such as Head, Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows ,Nose , mustache ,Lips , Beard , and Jaw. For each of the parts, the site gives you a number of build in designs which ofcourse can be customized as far as shape and size is concerned.Once you are done with the face you can save it the site for others to see.

This was the face i created keeping my face in mind 🙂 .

Isn’t that cool … ??

WELL , why dont you create your own face ?

just check out the SITE

Dont forget to comment below !! 😛

12 responses to “MAKE YOUR OWN FACE ONLINE

  1. You are welcome to link my post. This face looks like Actor Kamal Hassan.

  2. oh you mean to say i look like kamal hasan… 😀
    lol.. never mind my Pj’s..
    thanks for visiting…

  3. I said, the pic looked like the actor.

  4. no, i don’t see any such resemblance 🙂
    but the pic looks good 🙂

  5. >Dont forget to comment below !!
    Someone always seems to be comment-hungry 😉

    How much does this face resemble your face? 😉

  6. @ nithya..
    but i amde the pic keeping my face in mind 😛
    hmmm…everyone is not blessed like to to recieve as many comments as you get..
    well,,i dont know it resembles or not 😀

  7. wow cool man…!hey it does resemble ur face….. 🙂

  8. @ rajashree
    hey…does it..
    i thought it doesn’t 😛

  9. Wah!! This one is too good

  10. Where are all the women’s hair choices? I made my face, and saw what I would look like if I shaved my head…that was interesting…It seems like such old technology though. I was looking for something more along the lines of what video games have to create custom characters…they actually look like 3-d humans!

  11. that’s great

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