Yipee !!! ITs a CENTURY

It Took me three and a half months to reach this mark. Welcome to my 100 th post in wordpress.

When i had started blogging i had never thought even in the remotest corner of my brain that one day i would be writing  my 100th post.ITs been a good experience from the day i joined the blogging community. ITs quite flabergasting to see people from different parts of the country ,perhaps world , creating a virtual world of their own and having discussions over net.Its even more amusing when i think of the feat i have acheived 🙂 .

The credit goes to you ,ALL the readers around the world and your comments which is the most essential factor for keeping a blog alive…

HEREs a brief stats of my BLOG

Total no of visitors – 30,709 (while i was writing this post)

Most no of visitors on a particular day- 1994 ( magic of harry potter)

 No of comments – 555 (too less,so please comment atleast in this post )

 No of visitors per day – Fluctuates between 400 to 500


12 responses to “Yipee !!! ITs a CENTURY

  1. oiiiii congratz man….u’ve made it to a century :)….the main part of ur feat is urself…it’s only bcoz ur posts n topics r cool tat we all come back n read ur posts….hey arvind u rock….keep rocking buddy… 🙂 🙂

  2. Congrats! 🙂

    >too less,so please comment atleast in this post
    The most difficult thing to do in this world is to satisfy a person 😛

  3. @ aparna
    Isn’t it good to aim high !!!
    🙂 ..thanks for ur wishes and ur comment 😛
    @ rajashree
    thanks yaar…thanks a lot

  4. Congratulations dood, that’s a milestone you’ve achieved!

    I hope you’ll keep writing and write infinity number of posts one day and then we’ll leave a comment on that as well. Btw, 555 comments on 100 posts is not too less by my standards 😛

  5. Congratulations! 🙂 Not at all bad for only 3.5 months of blogging.

    Keep it up!

  6. @ ish
    thanks yaar..
    hey that 555 includes my comments also i suppose 😛
    @ ruhi
    thanks ruhi

  7. congrats buddy !!! and this is my first comment here 😉 keep up the good work.. i will keep coming back 😛

  8. @ dinsan..
    thanks a lot dude..
    its because of u all guys which keeps me motivated 😛 ..
    welcome to my world..

  9. congrats dude!
    so, the next milestone would be…1000?
    thumbs up…

  10. hey, congrats dude:)

    so i really need to find some time to compete with u now:)

    happy for u:)

    see ya!

  11. @ gireesh
    thanks yaar,,but 1000 seems to be too far away.. 😛
    thanks a lot..

  12. Hey..that is really great..congrats!!!!! 🙂
    With most post number of post under ‘humour’..ur blog is really feed worthy,and glad that i have left some comments here 😛
    Keep rocking buddy!!!

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