After winning the twenty 20 world cup a lot more was expected from the indian team’s home series against australia then a shamefull series defeat by 4-2, thanks to the rain god,otherwise it would have been 5-2 for sure.

One thing that has been clear after this defeat is that india has a long way to go to reach what australia are today. From the day i started my blog i have talking about the enigmatism of the indian cricket and this series defeat just after the 20-20 world cup win proves it 😛 . I just can’t understand what makes australia so special whether its the commitment or the confidence that oozes out , everything that australia does comes out good. Anyway i am not here to talk about australia.

This whole series has been full of drama , uthapa’s dare devil talks before the start of the series ,sreshant’s aggression ,bhaji’s remarks on australian tactics,controversial news regarding the racial abuse of symonds the series has been more than just a game. I personally feel that symonds has proved his arrogance by complaining about the racial abuses.I mean its part and parcel of the game.You cant just stop spectators doing such things ,only that can be done to stop is to lock the stadium and play in an empty stadium.well,according to me australia has been showing aggression in the wrong manner for almost a decade now but no body questions them because they are the world champions .

Most disappointing part of the series has been the failure of dravid ,however i am totally against the idea dropping him, he has been like a wall the time since he has joined the team and moreover the bench strenght of our team is quite weak and there is no body to replace the big three. I wonder when people who have done nothing for the indian cricket would stop questioning sachin . I dont understand what do they want from him they expect him to hit a century everytime he plays.He was the only batsmen to score some runs in this series.

Today is the last game in the series and a last chance for the inidan team to prove that winning the twenty 20 cup wasn’t a fluke.Perhaps, also the last possible chance to salvage the already wrecked pride . Lets hope for the best… :P.

3 responses to “FINAL CLASH WITH THE TITANS!!!

  1. well they proved it !!! 🙂
    But stil indian team has miles to go..
    20 -20 and other matches seems to be really dfrnt …n really interesting..this time too the team did it without the trimurthies…so surely some things are gonna pop up against them including Dravid 😛

  2. I wonder how India manages to win in 20-20 but they do everytime. And they kick Australia’s ass very well too. Go India!

  3. yeah ..i love this format of the game..more because australia is getting fuc**ed every now and then. 😛

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