Do you Smoke???

Do you want to stop smoking???

Well, the govenment comes up with another feeble and tentative idea in their campaign against tobacco consumption in india. .Read this.

I personally feel that  putting up scary pictures like tobacco related diseases  in the cigarette packets is totally absurd and shows their careless approach towards smoking. These politicians sitting in its haunches take years to come up with some idea and that too a foolish one . i dont understand the motive behind it.It seems like the old technique parents use to refrain children from doing something by scaring them.

I think the people (including smokers) nowadays are very much aware of the harmfull affects of smoking and inspite of that they smoke  and i can hardly think of  anyone quiting smoking by looking at those scary yet true pictures.The govenment has justified its idea by gicving an example where the consumption of tobacco has  decreased by 3 percent .Well, they did another mistake by comparing cannada with india where most of tobacco sonsumption community lives in villages. Well, i dont think the idea will work in villages too where people might be ignorant of the effects of tobacco , i dont think they use branded cigarettes .The only means of consuming  tobacco for them is raw tobacco and bidi’s .I dont think the government can manage to print those scary pictures in those home made tobacco packets. So what is the need of such a queer and unconvincing idea???

The warning message in ciggrete packets had been implemented long back. i dont thing anyone even bothers seeing that and even those who manage to look at it, ignore it.i dont thing there has been any decrease in its consumption ,perhaps , it has only increased. The consumption of tobacco among youngsters is mainly due to the fact that they think it as a fashion statement and by the time they realize that its harmful for them they are already addicted to it. Studied in college i personally known some guys who started smoking as an enjoyment and to flaunt their maturity but now are finding hard time quiting it even after its harmfull effects are known to them .

Inspite of implementing these absurd and  good for nothing ideas wouldn’t it be wise to establish more rehabilitation centres and conducting more seminars about smoking in schools. I also dont understand why the government doesn’t impose a BAN on tobacco related products.Just for the sake of commission from the product manufacturers, the group of people here who call themselves government  ,risk the whole countries population by allowing them to sell their products.

I seriously dont know whether to laugh at the foolish and feeble idea they are going to implement or to feel happy as atlast something is being done to control tobacco consumption in india.


  1. I don’t think we can undermine the psychological influence of these pictures on the cigarette boxes. No, I don’t smoke, but I did ask my friends who smoke and they said that it would at least make them stop and think.

  2. Well,may be for some people..but majority of smokers wont have any change in theri attitude..
    moreover my point is , in rural india they cant use this concept at all..they are ignorant and would be ignorant after this also..
    public awareness in rural areas is more important then taking these steps..
    To me ,implemenation of this rule would only be a eyewasher to the general public (non smokers)

  3. @arvind, I think I’ll have to disagree on this issue 🙂 I think a picture can speak a 1000 words.So, it’s a good move for people in rural India who can’t read and write. I’m sure they have the intelligence to look at a picture and understand the possible effects of smoking. I don’t know if they’ll stop smoking- probably not.

    But it just might help some lives 🙂 I know I’m being optimistic about it; but I like the fact that the Govt. has done SOMETHING. Heh.

  4. i am one of them who wants to know wt will it take for ppl to give up smoking. i am glad we r taking steps to make an addict aware. but do they ever read the cover when their love inside awaits them????
    totally agree to wt ruhi has said!

    see ya!

  5. @ ruhi
    would love if ur optimism turns out right..
    yeah i am happy to that govt has taken some steps…
    but y dont they just ban it ..or make it difficult for youngsters to buy it..
    @ shuz
    yeah…thats the point i was talkng body would even bother to look at those pictures while smoking 🙂

  6. Really nice post – thanx for sharing

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