Hurray!!Got a new phone.

Today i am more than just elated writing this post and why not ,finally ,after using NOKIA 3310 for 4 years i got myself a new set W810i 🙂 .thats quite a big transision . Isn’t it??

Well,I had thought of buying a new one after finishing my degree but my 3310 was in so terrible condition that i had to change my mind. It was full drama out there when i went out to buy the phone.I went to Tnagar univercell shop to check out the mobiles that was the biggest mistake i did ,being diwali time there wasn’t enough space to even walk on the roads .Rain started making the conditions worst .

When i decided to buy W810i the guy who was attending me said that they were out of stock.So after having a deep though i asked him get the K750 ,ironically even that was out of stock.Then i had to go to another UNIVERCELL shop only to find that they too were out of stock . Fortunately ,there was a sony showroom nearby where i managed to get the W810i set.There was no end for my state of delirium at that time.

It Costed me almost 10,000 bucks but after using it i felt it was worth giving that much of money.The thing which attracted me the most in this handset was its look (though i liked W850i more ).

It has a 2 MP Camera with Photo Light and auto focus capability.

dsc00093.jpg This was taken from my mobile camera and i am more than satisfied with its clarity.Walkman feature is amazing when used through headphones. I think the speaker sound is a bit low than what i had expected but i dont have any qualms about that.

This is it for now .I have semester exams after diwali so don’t know how often i would be blogging.Anyway i would try my best to take out some time.

16 responses to “Hurray!!Got a new phone.

  1. Congrats dude, we’re both Sony Ericsson-ites now! 😀

  2. thanks a lot dude..

  3. congrats! 🙂
    well im a huge fan of moto 😛
    n all the best for ur exms 🙂

  4. thanks a lot..
    i too wanted moto rokr but budget problem 😛

  5. Congrats on your new phone 🙂 Yeah the photo clarity seems to be quite good.
    All the best for your exams! Enjoy the last sem exam that has a lot of papers to write 😉

  6. congratulations………….:)

  7. @ aparna, thanks a lot for ur wishes..
    “Enjoy the last sem exam that has a lot of papers to write ”
    If u are pointing towards arrears ..then i am happy to say i have none…
    i am not that bad in studies

  8. @ swetha
    thanks a lot for dropping by

  9. :O Am not talking about arrears here! I had only 2 subjects apart from project in my last sem. So I thought you too will be having only 2 papers to write the next semester….

  10. oh…i see…i thought the other way around… 🙂
    i too have just just 3 subjects

  11. I should have worded the sentence stating what I wanted to say in a clear way! 🙂

  12. ITs ok….
    because other wise i wouldn’t have got 3 additional comments

  13. LOL! Here’s one more 😛

  14. w810i ROCKS… no doubt about it… I’ve been a Proud user of the SE Waolokman Series phone myself.. w700i.. thats when w810i wasnt launched.. the other alternative I had was w800i (white one).. and it was waaaaay costlier and not too many “additional” features as comparedto the w8o0i ..

    but w810i is GOOD… it has an autofocus-enabled camera..

    Enjoy ur fone! 🙂

  15. @amyth
    yeah the phone rocks…
    thanks for dropping by

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