Hmm..Each time i scratch my head  wondering what my next post is going to be , someone comes up to the rescue .This time a thousand thanks to CAT for coming up with a briliant idea of some blogging community project to write about –

Why do I blog? or Has blogging change you?

SEE here

Even ,i have asked  this question to myself umpteen number of times and to be very frank each and every time i get a new vague answer for that ,perhaps, every time i get a new reason to blog just like this one.

Well, i am not that experienced blogger as yet ,its been just 5 months since i started blogging but these 5 months have been wonderful for me as far as blogging is considered. It was  mid june this year when i was getting mad amidst boredom during my semester holidays.It was the time when i was fed up with socializing with new friends and acquaintances on orkut and reading novels.I was quite oblivious about blogging that time. The idea of trying my writing skills (i know its quite bad) on a blog platform just flashed when i had opened  Srikanth’s  Blog by mistake ( my senior in college ,now a good friend 🙂 )  . So i got myself a blog basically for 2 specific reasons .One, for killing some time. Second , i had been  pretty bad in english during my schooling especially in those writing sections, so thought y not try writing here as No teacher would be giving marks out of 10 lol.

 Earlier i wasn’t even aware that people actually read this things but as people started coming i became really obsessed with the stats. There was a time when i time when i used to post just for the sake of attracting crowd and orkut was a nice medium to advertise my blog 😛 . IT worked really well for me. That time i even had a page for Ebooks which gave me a lot of hits .I used to write a lot about hacking and some of the post are still very much popular . Harry potter was another topic which i fancied a lot ,perhaps ,that time almost everyone fancied it. But the craze for stats and traffic decreased  after couple of months,but i wont say i dont bother about traffic now,i still check it regularly 🙂 .

Now ,by this time i had started to write much more of personal and non commercial post and  this was when i got new freinds like Ish,Ruhi,Aparna .To be frank these were the people who showed me what blogging really was . I really admire these people’s blog and keep longing to have a blog like them . Now my posting frequency has decreased by at least two times but i am a regular reader of other people’s blog .ITs really nice to hear people’s opinion on various issues.ITs like a world outside world and i am loving living in it.About that second part”has bloging changed me?” Well,it would be too early for me to say it now .

SO,I mainly blog now a days just to share something interesting that has happened around (it may not be personal) and more specifically to stay in touch with the friends i have made here in wordpress.


10 responses to “WHY DO I BLOG ????

  1. Happy to see you blogging Arvind! 🙂 To quite an extent, I blog to make new friends and discuss ideas and to kill time. LOL.

    All the best for your exams!

  2. @ ruhi
    thanks a lot ..
    people like u are the motivativating factor for blogs like this…
    Well,i could see you have made a lot of freinds through blogging.. 🙂 ..that speaks volumes for ur blog

  3. Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. ——Kipling

    Celebrate blogging.


  4. It’s a lot about stats, the first few months I was obsessed and checked them every day, but that’s relaxed now.

    I guess it’s because I know that some people read my blog. It’s all about having regular people stop by. 🙂

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  6. @Cat
    yeah exactly..same with me too and perhaps same with most bloggers..

  7. Am reading this post only today. Why do I blog is a question that I ask myself often 🙂

    >i had been pretty bad in english
    Your English doesn’t seem to be any bad! 🙂

    Happy blogging! 😉 And yeah thanks for reading my blog as well 🙂

  8. you can write a post on this too… 🙂
    “your english seem to be any bad”
    thanks ..perhaps you can tell that to my school english teacher :p

  9. You are very honest in your post when you cite your reasons why you started your own blog. 🙂

    I did a similar post on why I blog long back on my own. It was personally motivated. Here is my post: http://alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com/2007/09/04/why-i-blog/

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