Guys and girls , ladies and gentelmen and to all those who read my blog ur favourite blogger is back 😛 .  Ok thats a bit of an exaggeration,  perhaps too far fetched 🙂 . Anyways i am back on wordpress with  an extreme state of delirium  mainly for two reasons.

First, the more obvious one , my exams are over and with that my engineering life too has got over (almost just a mere formality of project is remaining 😦 ).And probably one of my the most wonderful pages of life got over .Well, i wont compare this with my school life . That was something different and more enjoyable but these  3 and a half years of engineering has been a learning period for me . Hey , now dont think i learnt something related to my engineering course because to be quite frank i haven’t .I hate to say this being a topper but lets accept the fact that people these days hardly get any practical knowledge. Industrial visits meant for learning have become excursion tours 🙂 . I hate this education system to the core ,where they try to make us learn something thats hardly useful. well, i guess this is not the right time to express my tantrums on ‘INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM’ i would, perhaps , write a seperate post on that 😛 . Coming back to my engineering life , i have learnt a lot which certainly would help me in life ,if not in my career .

Coming to my second reason of being happy , after almost 10 months of wait i finally got my offer letter from hexaware technologies.After all ,a job security is what everyone wants when a student moves out of the college. I am really excited though i still have more that 8 months or so to join. I have felt sad sometimes that i couldn’t attend recruitment by any of the giants like wipro ,infy or TCS (cuz hexaware was the first company which came to my college) because of the crap rule which forbids one to attend any recuitment programs once u are already recruited.The only solace that i give to myself is by saying that hexaware has gained something that the other IT giants have gained 😛 .Call it over confidence or arrogance but i fell it that way 🙂 .
I am posting something after a long time and feels good to be BACK to BUSINESS .There are somethings that really money cant buy . Blogging is certainly one of those things for me (now please dont count the NEt charges) 🙂 .

10 responses to “BACK to BUSINESS

  1. uhh..i was waiting to tagg u 🙂

  2. another Tag ???…i am loving this Tagging game..
    make sure that its an easy one 😛

  3. I was able to relate to the second para completely. I felt the same at the end of my Engg.
    Btw, if you really want to work in any of the top 5 IT cos. you can always attend off campus interviews.

  4. yup i can try.but i am too lethargic to attend any off campus interviews.will try if there is any change in my mind..
    moreover these small companies give u more scope then the mass recruiters where there is hardly any identity amidst 30000 odd people.. 😛

  5. What you say is actually true to some extent 🙂

  6. hey , when you moved to ur old blog …..

  7. so its my turn to return ur good gesture!

    everybody seems to be ga ga over ur blog! i am yet to see it fully. honestly, more than reading the posts, i am interested in going around ur blog to see what you have kept where?! :)) so that i get ideas too to set up my home.

    hey, i was surprised on visiting your blog! for a moment i wondered if i had gone back to my blog! :))

    coming to your post, congrats on getting that offer! u r very right when u said big IT companies can not give u any identity. they do not provide u much opportunity to be creative. it is more a euphemism for ‘clerk’! small companies recognize your potential and allow you space to grow (oh, pls do not grow horizontally)

    may ur remaining engineering life be enjoyable and good luk for ur sem exams.

    and may hexaware provide u a great launch into ur career!

    the best.

  8. that was a quick gesture 😛 ..
    thanks a lot for dropping by..
    i would be glad if something interests u in my blog.. 🙂
    and thanks again for all ur wishes …
    and keep coming back 🙂

  9. Oops I didn’t realize that I was logged into my old blog while commenting! Anyway you should be happy that you are getting more and more comments 😛

  10. i am happy that poeple like are coming back again and again…

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