SO here’s my part on the BOYCOTT BLOGGER CAMPAIGN
started by ruhi. She has rightly mentioned one of the most annoying features of the blogger that is while commenting it ask us to do it anonymously , i guess there’s no point in commenting like that.Comments are one of the most important things through which we bloggers create a good rapport with each other.We are asked to give our nicknames for some absurd security reason whcih doesn’t strike the chord at all , its just a cheap ploy to increase the users ..

though i started blogging on wordpress i have tried blogger too and let me tell u frankly i could stand for more than 3 posts.Here are some of the other reasons why you shouldn’t use blogger and why you should shift to wordpress :-


  • Cumbersome editing required-Unlike wordpress u need to do a good amount of html coding if u want it to be organized and flashy where as everything in wordpress is just a click away.
  • Themes and templates – Yes, templates are good in blogger bu in the end all look alike there’s not much of a range there.I feel themes are one of the most imp. criterion for attracting readers.
  • NO BLOGSTATS – i have been always eager to look into my blogstats even if it doesn’t change once in a while 😛 atleast wordpress has this feature and also provides an analysis of ur whole visitors,top visitors and ofcourse the search engine items…on the other hand with blogger you have to search for some other extra widget like sitecounter for the same.
  • PLUGINS – There are a lot of plugins that have been at the users disposal in wordpress but i guess blogger has nothing as such called plugins.
  • USER FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT – well ,there’s no comparison with the complicated blogger with the user friendly wordpress. Take my word ,all blogger users try once wordpress u will know what user friendliness means.
  • Well ,this reason is my personal one , blogger takes eternity to open .i dont know why but the loading time scuks for blogger compared to WP.

These are the reasons why i feel you should shift to WP immediately .Anyways its ur own wish ,time and again ,there have been talks comparing WordPress and Blogger so decide urself and make a wise choice..


14 responses to “BLOGGER SUCKS A BIG TIME

  1. Thank you Arvind 🙂 Hopefully, people will get the message and see what Google is trying to do. WP is so much better.

  2. yup i have used blogger…blogger is just another medium for google for earning money by placing its ads ..
    by the way you are so fast…its not even 10 minutes since i posted it… 😛

  3. Yes, they find outlets to earn money through ads…as simple as that.

    I happened to be online, so I commented really fast 🙂

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  6. I perceive the logo to be contradicting your statement! 🙂

    Either remove the BOYCOTT or remove the Invalidate cross! Just some thought. No offence meant.

    And yeah, WordPress is definitely better than Blogger. No second thoughts on that! But are you sure you’re obliged to have Google Ads on your pages once you set up a blog in Blogger. I believe Google doesn’t compel you to do that!

  7. @Srikanth

    Actually I made the logo, not Arvind. However, I don’t see any contradiction there.

  8. @ srikanth
    firstly as ruhi said ,she made the cross,and she feels there’s no problem with i cant do anything about that..
    and about the blogger , yeah google doesn’t compel you to put adds but adds are the only reason why most of the people blog on blogger…exceptions are there who maintain a very personal blog…but a very few ..

  9. @Arvind: You can use Google Analytics to check blog stats. It is pretty descriptive and free.

    I had actually dropped by to give you link to my most about reservations:


    Have a look!

  10. there is only one benefit of using blogger compared to wp and that is you can use javascript in blogger.
    Its like trading in for javascript and ease of use.

  11. @ tides
    yeah but who likes to do all those coding and stuff.
    ofcouse a web desghn freak would love to it..but na it doesn’t attract me…

  12. @ poonam
    thankf for the links will check it ASAP

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