Almost after ages i had decided to watch a Ajit movie and it all ended up in a big big disappointment. Yes, you heard me right , i m repenting now for this one wrong decision. You may be wondering why the hell is he starting with a wrong note but i cant help it I just cant.This is the place where i can Rant with piece 😛 away from ajith fans.People who havn’t seen DON might be able to appreciate the movie apart from it i dont think the movie was worth its hype.

For all those oblivious of the movie ,its a remake of the movie DON.That too second time , first one came long back Starring Rajinikanth and now its AJITh turn to do try his luck . It all started with a call from my cousin who asked me to watch this movie Billa along with him.Well,though i am not an ajith fan i decided to go as the movie was extensively hyped up.Got balcony tickets each worth 120 bucks 😦 Considering the theater’s conditon ,its too much. I would have got a ticket for 75 even in SATYAM COMPLEX provided its not housefull 😛 .

I should kick the guy who gave 3 stars for billa in the local newspaper 😡 .The movie isn’t worth even 2 stars.The Whole movie has a sober and sullen look apart from some scenes which are just OK . Ajith hardly had any dialogues in the first half an hour of the movie.Story remains pretty much the same with no suspense in the end unlike the Hindi DON .

Ajith PArt was not bad but i guess he could have given it a better shot.That X factor was missing which should have been present in a DON’s charecter BUT i guess nobody else would fit in Billa’s shoes . All the better scenes have been shown in the trailer and the movie looks a complete mess void of them.Though the movie has been taken in malasia still there’s no Flamboyance in it.People had been talking about hollywood style  approach in it. Believe me it was far far away from hollywood.I hope hollywood directors are oblivious of the comparisons being made with this movie 🙂 . Songs are again a big mess except the title song and another song (where he is drunk) .I wasn’t expecting much from ajith as far as dance is concerned 😛 .Prabhu and rehman ‘s performances were good. Only scene which caught my attention was when Nayan tara comes in a two piece swimming suit 😛 . She too dint have that many dialogues .I dont know why they chose santhanam in the movie he is a comedian by profession but he is given only 2 scenes in the whole movie .Can you believe it ?? It doesn’t make any sense at all.On the whole  i am more than  just dissatisfied with the movie. Ajith fans will like the movie no matter how he performs .Speaking taking kollywood in mind the movie may be a commercial Hit but Once again Ajith movie has failed to impress me.

Plus Points

  • Rehman’s  short and crisp role
  • Background score
  • Car chase scene with those drifts stunts

Negetive points

  • Nothing new in the story line
  • Songs not at all impressive except the title song
  • Lots of logical errors (all film have)

i cant mention each negetive points here .They are just innumerable.

The main jist of my whole post is If you are planning to go for this movie ,dont expect too much otherwise it would be a heartache for u too like me.

Updated ::

For all the Ajith FAns

I hate Vijay TOO ..


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22 responses to “BILLA – REVIEW !!

  1. R u a die hard ATM vijay fan…..if so i pity u

  2. my! my! my! boy u r very dissappointed with the movie…..went with 2 many expectations kya???? shldnt have…..:-)

  3. You should be either a vijay fan or…Ajit hater….The movie is not disappointing like you mention….End of the day…You didn’t get impress? wait for kuruvi it may impress you Like Azhukiya sorry azhagiya tamil maakaan sorry magan….heee

  4. @ riddhimma
    yeah ..i had expected something after watching trailer but it turned out to be nothing 😛
    No i am not a Vijay fan ..infact i hate both of them..
    and their fans too who doo nothing except to call each others idiots..

  5. Aha!! Gotta watch this movie!
    Looks quite promising! Love tamil movies just fir this! 😉

  6. If you think billa is a waste film then you don’t expect a quality film more than this. I saw this film for two times and it will go ahead.

    Billa is a superb Tamil movie to watch.

    Since because this is a action movie you don’t expect too much comedy tracks in it. Yes I am accepting Santhaanam is having only two scenes but i thought it is enough for that particular character. You don’t expect a better Tamil movie more than billa.

    I thought this is a superb movie to watch.

  7. @babu
    thanks for ur comment..
    i dint say it is a waste film..
    i just said there’s isnt anything spectacular in the dint live up its hype..
    see hindi don and compare that with this one..
    you will know why i dint like it..

  8. From the review you hve given, I would better say stop watching Tamil movies, because when
    a sleek movie like BILLA 2007 cannot match your expectations in taking, none other can either!

    Why should you first of all compare this with the Hindi DON?
    What was there new in HINDI ‘Don’ except the last suspense? Do u think the suspense unveiled in the last few minutes of the Hindi Don would have worked out in the Tamil movie… It would have taken ages for the layman here to understand it.

    And pl. stop talking about Ajith’s Dance. he is far much better than the so called superstars/puratchi thalaivars.

    And we dont have to hear anything about the scene that caught your attention – becos the world knows why it did so!

    And reg. ur comments on Santhanam’s role, u make a hue and cry about matching Hollywood movies – but indirectly tell that u need a separate comedy track for Santhanam. This doesnt make any sense at all!

    X factor, flamboyance, mess – too much talking!


  9. Im not exactly a fan of ajith coz sum of his films werent that gud (mind, u, not totally crap), but after I watch the trailer i thought: okay seems to be a cool movie, but will his ACTING live up to it?
    Well, it DID.
    excellent acting from ajith, sum funny moments, and nayanthara too, really gud chemistry there. I am a vijays fan , but he doesnt choose the right story though his actings brilliant, and this movie can be a turning point (for once) in the “history” of tamil movies.
    I just hope ajith keeps it up.

  10. Hi ppl, Just saw the movie called “BILLA” on 27th Dec 6pm show. I did expect alot from Ajith as the hype was so huge! Well, to be honest, I have finally seen Ajith movie worth his acting. What can i say nor where can i start. His openning and his mannerism for the first part as Don is simply spectacular! My expectations was filled of his acting in the movie went off the grades!!! Very impressed with his acting and machoism. I am sure no-one (present) can replace Ajith for this role as Don!!! Nayanthara as usual, superb here with stunts of her own. Liked Namitha’s face expressions but wished more for acting and expressions. Comedy was a surprise but ok for a Bond type movie. Since we are used to Tamil industry standard endings, the billa’s short end will be debatable for the people. The song with nayanthara after the run was not matching with the story. but other than that. I would surley see the movie again and if not, buy a copy of Billa for my movie collection.

    One thing is for sure, For “Thala” Ajith towards 2008…. HE IS BACK!!!

  11. @ anu
    thanks for ur comment..
    But i have written what came to my mind and i am honest with my really dint had that punch that a movie like billa should have..yes,its better than other tamil movies but it could have been better..
    sometimes u get carried away when u are a fan..but u should accept the fact that billa was lacking something..
    coming to that dance thing .. i dont want to compare him with anybody…he cant dance thats a fact and i dont have any qualms with that,,not every actor can dance..
    i dont want a seperate comedy track…what i told was that his role was senseless..if they want to show “some” scenes ajith alone could have done it…
    “too much of talking”
    well thats why i am here…do u think u get to read only the good things for anything..every coin has two sides…try to accept both..
    “stop watching tamil movies”
    well,u are no body to tell that, i would continue to see movies and write my views on it no matter i like it or not
    Well,i never said that dont watch billa..i just told i dint like it and dont expect much from it (that too for people like me)
    thanks for ur comment again

  12. @turkey
    thanks for ur comment…
    yes certainlky this movie will change the course of the tamil industry ..
    thanks for ur comment
    Was their a chemistry between them..
    what i saw in nayantara’s face was a gloomy expression she carried always.. 🙂
    but yes ajith was good in the movie

  13. One thing i want to say to that reviewer is you when its compared to don it less,yes its true.But dont compare a hindi film with a tamil because no tamil films are equal to hindi even its sivaji or any other else.But i say in an action that also a don film there should not be a separate comedy track also a love track,that you should appreciate here.If you compare don with billa i say billa is perfect in logics,because in don the police dsp itself kills don and setup a dupe but atlast he is the villain its a great tragedy.And one thing don is failure there but billa is turning out to be a blockbuster of this year next to sivaji

  14. @ saran
    no in don there is no such thing as what u said.. he never killed the original don..
    and another thing Don was also a hit..
    but u see commercial hit is something that is totally different ..
    I agree that billa is also a hit…but i wasn’t simple as that..
    i dint say the film is bad.. i just said i dint like it

  15. there was actually nothing ‘happening’ in the movie. at the end of the show, i dint see anything different. i ve seen the same story ages before

  16. exactly ..people here are going crzy over the film.. 😛

  17. Good review I should say.
    The movie had plenty of morons in it with actually nothing to do.
    The saving grace are Ajith’s acting, camera and colours.

    Chk out my review at

  18. There’s an unwritten rule here that either you be a fan of Vijay or you be a fan of Ajith! Come on that’s ridiculous! Cant we live by liking or hating both! My point is – you perform well and i like your movie; you dont and i criticize! Simple

  19. yes, but people here in tamil nadu dont understand it
    thats why i had to write there I HATE VIJAY TOO ..
    I like VIjay’s dancing and AJITH is good look wise..
    these guys calling themselves fans dont accept and encourage anything good.what they know is to lash the other actors fans ..

  20. how can u that its a film !

  21. @reviewer

    I have watched all the four movies and i rate SRK’s don as the worst.

    Reason being no don on earth will have a clean shave and fresh look. The greatest comedy is when SRK tries to show a cruelity on his face in the climax. (Helicopter scene) where blood comes from his mouth. If you see the pan banaras.. song in don, it has nothing related to the film. Atleast one known person (Sandhanam) will be there for Ajith to relax.

    Comparison between tamil and hindi movies. Please check the biggest block buster of this year. It is Shivaji not any other hindi film.

    Every movie has some loop holes. Even all the other two dons had it.

    I can never imagine SRK as an action hero. He will be remembered always for his romantic things. The reviewer inturn tries to make fun of billa but knows tat the SRKs don lost by a bigger margin.

    Also Box office record says SRK’s DON to be a flop. Pls do not compare hindi to tamil films. We have lot of talents in acting (kamal), style (Rajni) whom you guys can’t even find in Mumbhai.

    Directors like Mani Ratnam is being worshipped like a god by Bollywood.

    AR Rahman’s song is the national anthem for you guys. Pls don’t forget that. They are from Kollywood.

  22. Great. I saw a number of trailers and many many tamil comedy clips in

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