Well , After Nokia its the now iphones turn to have a duplicate from korean market .I knew that there have been duplicate models of NOKIA N series from korean counterparts ,( Infact i have even written a post about that..You can check them out here ) ,But i was dumbfound when i found that that now even iPhone ‘s duplicates are being available at a very cheap price.

Apple had planned to release iPhone in india by next year but the unlocked versions of it are already available in the market at about 25000 bucks .A.nd if you have a paypal account it would be easier to buy it even online.And now with the duplicate models of it hitting the market the apple is set to incurr huge losses if they delay the release further.

The above pic shows one of the clones of iPhones .Yes you heard me right, one of the clones.While i was serching for these Iphones i found more than one versions of iphone each having different configuration and price .Well,quite franklly i dont know whether these come from CHINA or korea but what i know is these phones serve a good option when it comes to the desperate souls who want to have the pleasure of flaunting their phones at a cheap price of about 6000 to 7000 bucks.

Flabbergasting isn’t it???

Some of these iPhone clones even comes with features that are not even in the original iPhone 😛 like fingerprint sensor , handwriting recognition software ,dual sim card holder (dont know if original has one ) .

Other features like multimedia capabilities , camera ,connectivity are also available camera resolusion may differ freom clone to clone.However,one disadvantage in these clones are that you may not get a warranty for this peice so just in case you find your iPhone clone in trouble get urself ready to get a whole new peice again 😛 .

I dont know which of the clones are available out here in india . Check out some of the Iphone clones

SO , ALL those of you yearning for having a Iphone in your hand have three options


  • Get one of the clones but you might have to Compromise with the quality
  • Get an unlocked version of Iphone if you are ready to Shed 25000 bucks.
  • LAST option keep waiting till the APPLE announces the offical date for its own iphone launch.

9 responses to “iPHONE CLONES

  1. arvind y do u blog on such serious topics????????? 😉

  2. just for Fun
    sharing info which i found.. 🙂
    besides that i dont like to share my personal life much unless something really interesting happens.. :d

  3. Thats interesting.. Pppl need to be more careful wat they buy..

    Am quite sure that if prices are more affordable ..it will be a big hit in India.

  4. Isn’t Apple going to release the iPhone in Europe in 2008 and in Asia in 2009? They’re going to miss the boat by then, methinks.

  5. Arvind, Didn’t you blog about NOKLA too? 😛 Are you using one of these??

  6. @ passerby
    yeah thats what isaid. apple is set to incur huge losses 😛
    @ ruhi
    yeah i had written about nokla too..infact i have given a link in the blog too…
    no ,i am not using these:P
    i am not a big iphone fan.. 😛
    i happy with my sony W810i 🙂

  7. Hey, nice u posted on this… Actually i have been reading on this a lot.. I m freaked out on cell fones.. If u need pics, refereeneces to further articulate or extend writin on d same.. wuld be glad 2 share d resource &contribute..

  8. Ya, i bought the iPhone with fingerprint recognition for 6,500 Rupees and it’s so smart. I even got a 1GB memory card with it. It’s devoid of virus attacks. fingerprint recognition is simply superb, for such a cost. The music clarity out bursts sony ericsson and nokia music edition phones. Even it has a great battery backup. I’d suggest every apple fan, who can’t afford a original iPhone to have a sneek look at it. It’s smart and proud for indians to have such an option to get a iPhone clone. Thanks to China and Korea, who ever be the mastermind behind the hacking of iPhone, hardware and remaking it for common people… Cheers! shalima!


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