INDIA vs AUSTRALIA 2007-08 series


I have been quite anxious to blog something on Cricket for sometime now as i dint post anything after the 20-20 cup final . I guess, this is the best time to do it with the much awaited series against australia ready to kick off . Well , for years India-Pakistan series has been the favorite for any indian cricket lover but time has changed , Cricket Fans like me are no more eager to see inida Pakistan matches as before . The reason is simple , we have been witnessing the confrontation with the rivals far too frequently . The passion which used to be there was missing in the last series against pakistan.The whole series looked sullen and one sided .What the Heck ????, i guess i am deviating away from the actual topic which i want to discuss 😛 .So i was telling that India – Australia games have become much more important for indian fans as we , indians beleive that we are the only team that has the caliber to beat australia and there’s nothing wrong in it .The excitement and the pressure against the aussies has now surpassed the mark that used to be against Pakistan .This was well Visible when australians toured India earlier this year.Each game was heated up and It was really nice to see guys like sreesanth daring the aussie players 😛 .Though india had lost the series there was a stiff competition .
Ever since india won the adelaide test match and tied the seires during the last tour , india has been its toughest competitor .We have given them some hard time to keep up its reputation and they know it .Hopefully , India would be able to give australians run for their money again 😛 . yeah,u heard me ,right!! The word “hopefully” is very much intentional as the inidan team is known for turning things upside down every now and then. After all Enigma is synonymous with INDIAN cricket. Who expected india to reach 2002 world cup finals after the terrible performance with australia in its first match??? Who expected india to Tie the series with australia last time it toured ??? Who expected the embarrassing world cup debacle after losing to minnows like bangladesh earlier this year ??? AND Who expected us to win the 20 -20 world cup ?? 😛 . Now if you consider the present form of indian team i would expect them to atleast draw the test series but who knows :P?? Anyway ,i like to be optimistic and lets hope for the best.

Indian Squad

Anil Kumble (captain), Wasim Jaffer, Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Vangipurappu Laxman, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Rudra Pratap Singh, Ishant Sharma, Pankaj Singh, Dinesh Karthik

The squad according to me looks pretty much balanced .Opening looks solid with jaffer in tremendous form and i dont know whether dravid will open with him or not , if he opens then i guess the opening stand can be really good .Middle order is as lethel as it can be .Saurav (in great touch), tendulkar (whose commitment can never be doubted) ,Lakshman (a real pain in the asses of aussies) and Dhoni (with his unusual and aggressive style of play ) make the middle order one the best in the world . And of course yuvraj has the ability to replace anyone of them in case of any unavoidable circumstanses. The search for a natural all rounder has been a real difficulty for the selectors. This never pursuit ended after the introduction of irfan pathan and now after having even a century under his kitty he can really claim as one. Dinesh karthik could be useful in tracks and conditions that australia have but i hardly see any chances for him unless there’s an injury. I though ajit agarkar could have been selected in place for ishan sharma. Ajit could swing the bowl well which is the only hope against the mighty australian line up .But selectors may have some other things in mind.So overall the team looks quite good and had looked never better for taking on the champions of the game.

Australian Squad for the first test

Ricky Ponting (captain), Adam Gilchrist, Stuart Clark, Michael Clarke, Matthew Hayden, Brad Hogg, Mike Hussey, Phil Jaques, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Andrew Symonds, Shaun Tait.

Well, i cant say much about the australian team .Their performance speaks much about them. I have always wondered how every newcomer that australia brings becomes a hero for them take the example of Hussey ,Micheal clarke ,and ow recently struat clarke .everyone plays the part in their team.Frankly speaking i dont think the Australian side is that much powerfull ,its just their commitment and confidence that makes them the world champions 🙂 .

Plus Points for INDIA

  • All the main players are in good knick
  • Phsycological advantage after winning against pakistan
  • DHONI And sehwag factor
  • Players like mcgrath and warne are missing

Plus points for Australia

  • Home advantage
  • Ponting is in a splendid form
  • Symonds and micheal clarke make the middle order almost invincible
  • Good form as a whole


  • Wed 26, Dec 2007 – Sun 30, Dec 2007 : First Test at Melbourne
  • Wed 02, Jan 2008 – Sun 06, Jan 2008 : Second Test at Sydney
  • Wed 16, Jan 2008 – Sun 20, Jan 2008 : Third Test at Perth
  • Thu 24, Jan 2008 – Mon 28, Jan 2008 : Fourth Test at Adelaide Oval
  • Fri 01, Feb 2008 : Twenty20 International at Melbourne


  • February 3, 2008 : India vs Australia at Brisbane
  • February 5, 2008 : India vs Sri Lanka at Brisbane
  • February 8, 2008 : Australia vs Sri Lanka at Sydney
  • February 10, 2008 : India vs Australia at Melbourne
  • February 12, 2008 : India vs Sri Lanka at Canberra
  • February 15, 2008 : Australia vs Sri Lanka at Perth
  • February 17, 2008 : India vs Australia at Adelaide
  • February 19, 2008 : India vs Sri Lanka at Adelaide
  • February 22, 2008 : Australia vs Sri Lanka at Melbourne
  • February 24, 2008 : India vs Australia at Sydney
  • February 26, 2008 : India vs Sri Lanka at Hobart
  • February 29, 2008 : Australia vs Sri Lanka at Melbourne
  • March 2, 2008 : 1st final at Sydney
  • March 4, 2008 : 2nd final at Brisbane
  • March 7, 2008 : 3rd final at Adelaide

I see an exciting and fascinating tour ahead.Lets hope for the best that India Wins 🙂 . Well ,if you have reached the ending then you deserve a heartly thanks for reading the full post 😀 .


INDIA lose the first test 

Match Result: Australia beat India by 337 runs
Man of the match: Matthew Hayden
Series Status: Australia lead the series 1-0
 Australia 343 – all out & 351 – 7 decl, India 196 – all out & 161 – all out

    10 responses to “INDIA vs AUSTRALIA 2007-08 series

    1. Arvind,
      Its a good write up and an optimistic one. But i fell we have to look little pragmatic. Though Indian batting looks very good, i don’t feel we have striking bowlers. With fielding also not that great i don’t think we are balanced. But anyways as u said Indian team has the capability to turn anything upside down… So expect the unexpected 🙂 . Glad to hear from you after the series.. 🙂

    2. @ hmm..lets hope for the best as i said..
      . i just want to be optimistic

    3. we all need to be realistically optimistic.

      today’s performance by our batsmen was highly disappointing. lets hope they recover through another kumble-haul!

    4. a very exciting and tough tour lies ahead for both the teams.
      Australia gets the home advantage, but India is in good form after beating Pakistan .Indian team is the wonderful mingle of the experienced players and youngsters. Surely it is the better team than one touerd Austalia in 2003-04. Batting order has a great depth with M.S. Dhoni coming at no.7. all the players arein great knick. India has the wonderful chance to australia in their homeland

    5. @ latha
      yeah i am disspointed too and hope they do well in the remaining days…
      yeah india has a chance though todays performance has shattered some of my confidence in them..


    7. Clear bad umpiring in the 2nd test and a lack of sportsmanship and ethics of the australian cricket team.

      Can the australians be anymore uninviting? they are clear cheaters and umpires are biased. end of story.

    8. indian captain should be sourav ganguly, because the umpiring,what happened in the 2nd test was rediculous, severe actions should be taken against both the umpires, bcci and kumble should be very strong in this situations, to avoid all the useless decisions in 2nd test, kumble should be there in the team as player not as the CAPTAIN, this is his final stage of the career, so he should not be given such leadership, which he is not capable, ganguly is in good nick with the bat, though wats the problem for his leadership, BCCI is using politics in the game of cricket, which is bad to the future indian cricket.kindly take some quick actions to develop the game of indian cricket, give chances to players like md.kaif, sehwag, still to much of cricket left on them.

    9. Hi Arvind,
      thanks a lot sir for posting this. I have a debate on India & Australia series in the coming week and as i have no interest in the cricket i was loosing hope of winning. Through your article i am cleared with all facts and the real situation of the series. and truly speaking while reading your article i fell like as if we were having a gossip on the topic. it is one of the best article(story) i have read.
      thanking u

    10. hi, congratulations on india’s great victory at perth! u must have celebrated it grandly with your friends! i am happy ur post can now receive victory messages!

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