Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

Former prime minister benazir bhutto was assasinated last night at around 6:15 pm (pakistan std time) when she was leaving an election rally in which  about 50000 workers were present.

Two people shot her from  a close range using an Ak -47 rifle when she was inside the car injuring her neck and head which proved to be fatal .After this incident the millitants  blew themselves up injuring 40 people and leaving 20 poeple dead.

AL-qaeda has claimed responsibility for this attack.

LAST minute Pictures of benazir bhutto

click here

I cant understand some things here.

  • Why dint the govenment give a bulletproof vehicle for her .
  • What was the security guards doing when the millitants approached so close to her vehicle with a gun like AK -47
  • I  heard that after the blast no body went near benazir bhutto ‘s body  for about 10 minutes to the havoc created..Isn’t that ridiculous..??may be ,she might survived if she had been taken to hospital earlier
  • Nawab sheriff said he is boycotting the elections ..Now what purpose does that serve..??

JUST now read an article on

Bhutto said she’d blame Musharraf if killed


14 responses to “Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

  1. in reply to the things you did not understand:

    1. Bhutto DID have a bullet proof vehicle. She was shot when she came out from the sunroof

    2. The shots weren’t fired with an AK-47. IT is mechanically impossible for an AK-47 to shoot only two rounds.

    3. She was shot in the neck, and it may have taken a miracle to save her, but when she was shot there were people already surrounding her, so it is a baseless myth that people did not go close ot her.

    4. It is Nawaz Sharif,not Nawab Sharif. Good question.

    Lookk at that CNN article you quoted. It uses Internet slang words such as “u” instead of you. That’s funny.

  2. This was certainly a sad news. How unfairly a gutsy woman has been removed out of way.

    But I had come int o share this superstition link with you:

  3. That is a few good questions. It’s like Princess Diana’s death all over again.

  4. Well, I can understand why Nawaz Sharif is boycotting the elections. That’d be the right thing to do because if he still contests the elections, people might think that it was his doing. He knew very well that Benazir was way more popular than he was and people will think that his way will be clear now that Benazir is that’s why to save his skin..he isn’t contesting. I had expected that.

  5. @ destogate
    thanks for u reply ..good observation i am satisfied with ur answers 😛 and yeah thanks for correcting me..
    @ Poonam
    thanks for commenting..will read it out
    yeah…and the mystry would continue..
    @ ish
    well,if he is thinking for the country’s welfare he would certainly contest in the elections taking all the Paranoia out of his mind..
    there;s is no chance of democracy now if he boycotts ..

  6. He’s not thinking of the country’s welfare lol. He’s thinking about his own life.

  7. well…yes.. i forgot about that part 😛 ..

  8. this was a big blow to ppl who had some hope… a well educated lady with a good vision, didnt deserve this…
    may she RIP

  9. yeah… it has really shattered any hopes of restoring democracy in pakistan

  10. The only reason why Sheriff would want to postpone the elections is that the PPP will have the sympathies of all the people and it will tilt the balance in the race for power.

  11. @sunrise
    he never said postpone ..he said boycott..thats my question why boycott ???

  12. He’s said he’ll take part in the elections now. Says he was too tensed when he said boycott. What a person. 😐

  13. yeah heard the news.. 😛 ..when musharraf said he would carry on the elections as scheduled …nawaz sherrif might have got a shock… so returned .. 😀
    a politician … thats what he is .. 😛
    let see if there are any other twists ahead 🙂

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