Australia proved again why it is the best team in the world, by winning the first test comprehensively by a whopping 337 runs against india. Just a week ago  i wrote   post on this series .Check this out .And now its clear that i was hoping against the hope
I am shocked .yes , i am.Not because india lost it but because it showed no signs of a fight. Losing in the fourth day that too by margin of 337 runs is not something that was expected after a good show by the bowlers on the first day.
Well, i am not in a position to  write much about this test match as i was not able to follow the match.Chennaites require set top box for viewing the match and i hate chennai for this particular reason 😡 .
Match Result: Australia beat India by 337 runs
Man of the match: Matthew Hayden
Series Status: Australia lead the series 1-0
 Australia 343 – all out & 351 – 7 decl, India 196 – all out & 161 – all out


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  2. India is no where close to defeating Aussies..they are the Masters of the game..
    I expect a white wash..of india by Aussies..No zingoism!!!

  3. such a washout seriously.

  4. @nitin
    yes, they are the best when a team is considered as a whole thats y they win so comprihensively every time,.,
    @ ISh
    I hope its not a white wash..

  5. I knew about India’s fate even before the game began. 😛 They’ll lose the series. LOL. Don’t kill me for saying this.

  6. @ ruhi
    i hate to hear that 😦 . I guess its pretty obvious now that india would be losing the series until something miracle happens

  7. come on man,i heard India will be playing a 20-20 only hope is that match…

  8. yeah ..that will be an exciting match

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